7 Facts about South Africa


1. King George VI was appalled when the South African government instructed him to only shake hands with white people while on his visit there in 1947. He referred to his South African bodyguards as “the Gestapo”


2. A South African IT company proved that it was faster to send information via carrier pigeon than the country’s leading internet service provider.


3. South African residents can legally attach small flamethrowers to cars to repel carjackers


4. South Africans call traffic lights “robots”


5. A South African man successfully performed a citizen’s arrest on a drunk police officer


6. Until 1994, a pencil was inserted into a person’s hair to help determine a South African’s racial identity. If the pencil fell out easily, the person was considered white


7. In the 1850s, the South African Xhosa tribe had a teenage prophet who claimed all crops had to be burned and all cattle be killed so that the spirits can sweep the British settlers to sea. 300k-400k cattle were killed, tragically resulting in famine that even caused cannibalism