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Prof’s neurological health is declining rapidly. What can I (TA) do?

I'm a law student acting as a teaching assistant/fellow for a tenured and notable law professor. Between last year when ...
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How to deal with sexual advances from students

One of my students is an escort/stripper and she has offered me (and other faculty in my department) her "services" ...
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How to deal with an advisor who wants a “friendlier” relationship with me than I do?

I work as an assistant at a university in Australia. I joined the team consisting of my current advisor and ...
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Do I have the legal right to demand information on plagiarism of my work from another university?

A student of a German institute has translated my Russian thesis word by word to English and submitted it as ...
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How to avoid procrastination during the research phase of my PhD?

I just finished all of my coursework for my PhD program, and am entering the research phase of my degree ...
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Why do American colleges and universities have sports teams?

In the USA, college sports are popular, and colleges may offer scholarship based on athletic skills. Yet, universities spend significant ...
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Should I Share My Horrible Software?

After I had published my paper, some people asked me to share the software that I developed. At first, I ...
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How should I deal with discouragement as a graduate student?

I am a third year (starting fourth year in the fall) PhD student in mathematics. I've passed all qualifying exams ...
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