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TFE Times’ Best Master of Veterinary Science (MVSC or MVSc) Program Rankings are the most comprehensive rankings for graduate veterinary science and veterinary medicine programs in the United States.

1Cornell University
2University of California—​Davis
3North Carolina State University
4Colorado State University
5Texas A&M University—​College Station
6University of Pennsylvania
7Ohio State University
8University of Wisconsin—​Madison
9University of Georgia
10University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities
11Michigan State University
12Tufts University
13Iowa State University
14Washington State University
15Auburn University
16Purdue University—​West Lafayette
17Kansas State University
18University of Florida
19Virginia Tech - University of Maryland
20University of Missouri
21University of Illinois—​Urbana-Champaign
22University of Tennessee—​Knoxville
23Louisiana State University—​Baton Rouge
24Mississippi State University
25Oregon State University
26Oklahoma State University
27Tuskegee University
28Western University of Health Sciences

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