2020 Best Master’s of Economics Programs


Find the best Master’s of Economics programs at TFE Times. Use the top Master’s of Economics program rankings to find the right master’s program for you. Here is our MethodologyVote for your program!


RankUniversityUser Rating
1University of Maryland
2New York University
3Johns Hopkins University
4University of Michigan
5Boston University
6University of Wisconsin
7University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8Duke University
9University of California, San Diego
10University of Texas
11University of Arizona
12Texas A&M University
13Purdue University
14North Carolina State University
15Tufts University
16Claremont Graduate University
17Iowa State University
18University of Southern California
19Georgia Institute of Technology
20Georgia State University
21Syracuse University
22Georgetown University
23George Washington University
24University of Minnesota
25Stony Brook University
26University of Oregon
27University of Wyoming
28Baylor University
29Florida State University
30University of Kentucky
31University of Houston
32University of Connecticut
33George Mason University
34Miami University
35University of Tennessee
36University of New Hampshire
37University of Missouri
38Drexel University
39Southern Methodist University
40University of Illinois at Chicago
41University of Kansas
42University at Albany - SUNY
43Colorado School of Mines
44University of Cincinnati
45Clemson University
46Lehigh University
47University of Utah
48Fordham University
49Northeastern University
50Tulane University
51University of Texas at Dallas
52Binghamton University - SUNY
53University of Missouri at Kansas City
54Utah State University
55American University
56University of North Carolina at Charlotte
57Kent State University
58University of Massachusetts Boston
59Montana State University
60University of South Carolina
61Michigan Technological University
62University of Oklahoma
63University of Texas at Arlington
64University of Denver
65North Dakota State University
66University of Delaware
67University of Nebraska
68University of San Francisco
69Auburn University
70California Polytechnic State University
71Southern Illinois University
72Hunter College - CUNY
73University of Alabama
74DePaul University
75University of South Florida
76University of Buffalo
77Louisiana State University
78Temple University
79Florida International University
80University of New Mexico
81University of Arkansas
82Wichita State University
83Oregon State University
84New School
85Howard University
86University of Colorado Denver
87Oklahoma State University
88University of Maryland, Baltimore
89University of Rhode Island
90Virginia Commonwealth University
91Kansas State University
92California State Polytechnic University
93University of Memphis
94Texas Tech University
95University of North Texas
96University of Missouri - St. Louis
97University of Hawaii at Manoa
98University of Mississippi
99San Diego State University
100University of Nevada, Reno
101Ohio University
102University of Maine
103Western Michigan University
104Northern Illinois University
105Illinois State University
106Central Michigan University
107Virginia State University
108University of Idaho
109Western Illinois University
110University of North Dakota
111Georgia Southern University
112San Jose State University
113Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
114Wright State University
115South Dakota State University
116University of Toledo
117San Francisco State University
118California State University, Long Beach
119Roosevelt University
120Eastern Michigan University
121Washington State University
122Brooklyn College - CUNY
123California State University, Fullerton
124Eastern Illinois University
125Murray State University
126University of Texas at San Antonio
127Middle Tennessee State University
128University of North Carolina at Greensboro
129University of Nevada, Las Vegas
130Saint Cloud State University
131Old Dominion University
132Youngstown State University
133California State University, Sacramento
134State University of New York College at Buffalo
135University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
136California State University, East Bay
137Portland State University
138California State University, Los Angeles
139Cleveland State University
140New Mexico State University
141University of Texas at El Paso
142University of Nebraska Omaha
143Florida Atlantic University
144Wayne State University