2024 Best Master’s of Financial Engineering Programs


TFE Times Best RankingsFind the best Master’s of Financial Engineering programs at TFE Times. Use the top Master’s of Financial Engineering program rankings to find the right master’s program for you. Here is our MethodologyVote for your program!


RankUniversityUser Rating
1University of California, Berkeley
2NYU Tandon School of Engineering
3Columbia University
4Carnegie Mellon University
5University of Illinois
6New York University
7Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
8Johns Hopkins University
9Claremont Graduate University
10University of North Carolina at Charlotte
11Cornell University
12Georgia State University
13Georgia Institute of Technology
14University of Southern California
15Illinois Institute of Technology
16Baruch College
17University of California, Los Angeles
18Boston University
19University of Chicago
20Rutgers University
21Stevens Institute of Technology
22Fordham University
23University of Washington
24University of Minnesota
25Lehigh University
26North Carolina State University
27Rochester Institute of Technology
28University of Connecticut
29Florida State University
30University of Michigan
31DePaul University
32Worcester Polytechnic Institute
33Hofstra University
34Stony Brook University
35Texas A&M University
36Oklahoma State University
37Temple University
38New Jersey Institute of Technology
39Washington State University
40Purdue University
41University of Dayton
42University of Texas at Arlington
43University at Buffalo