2017 Best Masters of Finance Programs


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2017 Top Masters of Finance Programs

TFE Times Master of Finance Rankings (MSF) are the most comprehensive rankings for graduate finance programs in the United States.

These rankings have been recognized by Princeton UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of San Francisco, Hofstra University,Georgia State University, the University of Denver, Auburn University, the University of Florida,  the Illinois Institute of Technology,  Syracuse University, the University of Illinois at ChicagoRutgers University, Temple University, the University of Utah, Louisiana State University, Vanderbilt UniversityBrandeis University, the University of Texas – Dallas, Santa Clara University, Portland State University, Seattle University, the University of Texas – Austin, and many more!

RankUniversityAverage GMATAverage GPAUser Rating
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology7243.58
2Princeton UniversityN/AN/A
3Vanderbilt University6913.4
4Washington University in St. Louis6883.46
5University of Southern California6923.37
6Brandeis International Business SchoolN/AN/A
7University of Rochester6653.4
8Arizona State University6823.54
9University of Texas-Austin6993.42
10University of Notre Dame6833.37
11Villanova UniversityN/AN/A
12University of Texas-Dallas6703.5
13Boston College6673.2
14University of Florida6853.43
15Ohio State University6713.52
16University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign6653.4
17Texas A&M University6493.32
18Michigan State University6703.3
19Georgia State UniversityN/AN/A
20University of Utah6293.4
21University of California-San Diego6653.39
22Rochester Institute of Technology5583.4
23Illinois Institute of TechnologyN/AN/A
24Auburn University5903.4
25Louisiana State University6.493.4
26Temple University6393.61
27University of Connecticut6233.5
28University of Alabama6773.57
29Santa Clara UniversityN/AN/A
30Syracuse University6223.58
31Purdue University6363.39
32University of Arizona6563.4
33Tulane University6513.24
34Johns Hopkins UniversityN/AN/A
35University of Maryland6573.28
36Indiana University6703.34
37Claremont McKenna CollegeN/AN/A
38University of DelawareN/AN/A
39Florida State University5583.25
40Northeastern University6323.28
41University of Colorado-Denver6003.3
42West Virginia University6093.49
43University of Tulsa5613.56
44Hofstra University5733.27
45Pepperdine University6423.33
46University of Tampa5403.5
47Drexel University5973.2
48University of Massachusetts Boston5223.25
49Lewis UniversityN/AN/A
51Baruch College6323.33
52University of Illinois at ChicagoN/AN/A
53DePaul University5953.14
54Seattle UniversityN/AN/A
55George Washington University6433.3
56Portland State University6013.26
57University of BaltimoreN/AN/A
58Fordham University6213.16
59Virginia Commonwealth UniversityN/AN/A
60University of San Francisco5703.19
61University of Denver5763.3
62SUNY Buffalo6023.4
63University of California-Riverside5813.16
64Southern Methodist University6623.31
65Bentley UniversityN/AN/A
66American University5583.15
67Fairfield UniversityN/AN/A
68Rutgers University6593.23
69University of Michigan-DearbornN/AN/A
70Loyola University-Maryland5873.25
71University of Miami6543.32
72California State University-StanislausN/AN/A
73Saint Joseph's UniversityN/AN/A
74University of North Texas5233.37
75Case Western Reserve University6323.14
76Florida International University5623.45
77Clark University5063.49
78Iona CollegeN/AN/A
79University of South Florida5413.46
80Suffolk University4863.33
81University of Nevada-RenoN/AN/A
82University of Wyoming5723.24
83University of Texas-San Antonio5433.31
84University of Portland5483.6
85Loyola University-ChicagoN/AN/A
86University of Houston6163.08
87Saint Mary's College of California4993.17
88University of Saint ThomasN/AN/A
89Webster UniversityN/AN/A
90New Jersey City UniversityN/AN/A
91Golden Gate UniversityN/AN/A
92Southern New Hampshire UniversityN/AN/A
93Pacific Lutheran University5103.35
94Pacific UniversityN/AN/A
95Walsh CollegeN/AN/A

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