Best Quant Questions


What Concepts Are the Most Dangerous Ones in Quantitative Finance Work?

There are a few things that form the common canon of education in (quantitative) finance, yet everybody knows they are ...
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Efficiently Storing Real-Time Intraday Data in an Application Agnostic Way

What would be the best approach to handle real-time intraday data storage? For personal research I've always imported from flat ...
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Innovative Ways of Visualizing Financial Data

Finance is drowning in a deluge of data. Humans are not very good at comprehending large amounts of data. One ...
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How Can I Go About Applying Machine Learning Algorithms to Stock Markets?

I am not very sure, if this question fits in here. I have recently begun, reading and learning about machine ...
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Switching From C++ to R – Limitations/applications

I've only recently begun exploring and learning R (especially since Dirk recommended RStudio and a lot of people in here ...
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