A Few Things You Need to Know About Romantic Relationships


Romantic relationships are often influenced by absolutely unexpected factors. Sometimes small things seem incredibly important to us, and we waste all our time and energy on them, forgetting about what really matters. Let’s see what you need to know about relationships to avoid such mistake.

No need to hurry

The first stages of romantic relationships are so bright that people make spontaneous decisions without realizing the consequences of their behavior. Emotions overwhelm you, you’re happier than ever, and it seems that an early engagement or marriage is the best way to keep this feeling. As practice shows, this idea is bad. The longer couples date before marriage, the more chances they have to stay together. Let’s talk numbers: couples dating for three years or more before marrying break up 39% less often than those, who test the relationship for less than a year.

Don’t spend too much on a wedding

Here’s an interesting fact provided by christian dating site: researchers at Emory University found that the duration of marriage is associated with how much a couple spends on wedding rings and a ceremony. In particular, those, who paid a lot, ended up divorced 30% more often than couples that didn’t bother throwing an expensive wedding party. And there’s a simple explanation for that: the dried up family’s ‘gold reserve’ and debts undermine the financial base of the new cell of society. Of course, there are different types of romantic relationships, and this doesn’t apply to every couple, but in most cases, money is the cause of disagreement that leads to a breakup.

You don’t have to get married to be happy

Married couples achieve better career successes than single people. They have stronger health and social ties, as well as the more stable psyche. But wait a minute. The usual union is no worse than official marriage. You get the same advantages but without documented obligations. Psychologists say that at the beginning, a joint life of spouses isn’t that different than the life of those, who aren’t married. Mutual love and communication in romantic relationships don’t depend on your family status.

Long-distance relationships can thrive

The bigger the distance between two magnets, the weaker the attraction between them. It’s this kind of logic that often undermines people’s faith in relationships at a distance. So they break up without even trying to save their union. Give your relationship a chance. There are many examples of long-distance relationships, where men and women felt even more satisfied than living side by side. Psychologists say that in this case, people often stick to the bright moments of their lives and pleasant details, and this warms up feelings. Sure, when there’s no interest in romantic relationships, they fall apart even if partners live together.

Don’t forget to thank each other

A simple “thank you” strengthens the connection between you. The couple feels more relaxed and satisfied when both partners thank each other. They’re feeling that care and responsiveness much better. And again, there’s a scientific explanation for that. The positive effect of “thank you” is largely influenced by the increased production of oxytocin, a hormone of trust and affection.

It’s all about kindness

No matter how many types of romantic relationships exist, they’re all built on the principles of mutual respect, love, help, and, most importantly, kindness and generosity. Pay attention to your behavior during fights. At such moments, it’s easy to offend your partner, which may lead to contempt – the main factor of a potential breakup. Understanding that your discontent can be expressed in a calmer way, you’ll keep your union safe and healthy.