2021 Best Colleges in Iraq


Find the Best Colleges in Iraq at TFE Times. Use the Top Universities in Iraq Rankings to find the right school for you. Vote for your university!

RankUniversityLocationUser Rating
1Salahaddin University-ErbilErbil
2University of Kurdistan HewlêrErbil
3University of BabylonAl Hillah
4University of BaghdadBaghdad
5Hawler Medical UniversityErbil
6University of KufaKufa
7The American University of Iraq, SulaimaniSulaymaniyah
8University of KerbalaKarbala
9University of TechnologyBaghdad
10University of MosulMosul
11University of DiyalaBaquba
12Soran UniversitySoran
13The University of DuhokDuhok
14University of Thi-QarNasiriya
15University of SulaimaniSulaymaniyah
16Koya UniversityKoy Sanjaq
17University of TikritTikrit
18University of BasrahBasrah
19The University of MustansiriyahBaghdad
20University of AnbarRamadi
21Al Nahrain UniversityBaghdad
22University of Al-QadisiyahAl Diwaniyah
23Sulaimani Polytechnic UniversitySulaimani
24Iraqi UniversityBaghdad
25Ishik UniversityErbil
26University of KirkukKirkuk
27Al Muthanna UniversitySamawa
28University of WasitAl Kut
29University of MisanAmarah
30Lebanese-French UniversityErbil
31Cihan UniversityErbil
32Komar University of Science and TechnologySulaymaniyah

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