3 Ways Technology Has Helped Improve Sport


Technology and sport are two things you wouldn’t usually think of putting together. Yet, as tech becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it’s inevitable the two would soon go hand in hand. Here are just a few ways in which technology has enhanced the world of sport.

Gaming Consoles

The stereotypical image of someone being told to switch off their console and go outside is something of the past. Granted, using an avatar to swing a baseball bat doesn’t seem like exercise. But modern-day gaming has found a way to bring sports into our living rooms.

We have all seen those commercials of people using their consoles to play games against each other and being physically active without playing any ‘real’ sport, which really shows how far technology has come. This sports gaming listicle shows all the physical activities that can be done with each system. Whether it’s through motion sensors for Zumba and dance fitness games or VR consoles offering boxing matches, there are so many ways to game yourself fit.

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Live Streaming

One of the best things about modern technology is the ability to watch live or pre-recorded sports from our TVs, phones, and tablets. Whilst you may not actually be at a physical game yourself, using technology in this way is still a great way to get involved in sports. From watching live baseball on your phone to catching the Superbowl, this wouldn’t be possible without technology.

To get further involved in the action, many people bet on live games as they unfold. Some fans have found that this can add to the atmosphere and build up anticipation with each touchdown, home run, and goal. Combining tech and sport in this way has become so popular that things like Betmgm sportsbook pages have been specially designed to help people make wagers, bets, and win money on live sports. This a popular activity and yet another example of how technology heightens our experience and interaction with sports in various mediums.

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With specially organized events around the world, eSports really combines sports and tech. Esports brings together teams of people from around the world to play video games on a virtual platform and on a large scale. It takes sports from court to console and there are even huge international eSports tournaments around the world. As this Dotesports page shows, where people come from all over to play for big prizes.

Real-life athletes get involved in the world of eSports too, once again proving there is a huge crossover with the two realms. It also shows that technology can help sports by attracting a wider gaming audience, and vice versa, as famous soccer and basketball players try their hands at competitive virtual sports.

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We’ve come a long way from the days of playing on the courts with your friends. Today, we can compete with people from around the world, watch from our phones and even participate in global sports competitions. All thanks to the development of technology.