Methods For Protecting Small Companies From Cyber-Attacks


Cyberattacks are assaults launched by cybercriminals using one or more computers against a single or multiple computers or network.

If you think online theft is only a big business problem, you are wrong. Today, cyberattacks cost small businesses around $200,000 on average. Therefore, no matter the size of the business, you should follow several methods to keep your online business safe.

The technology, manufacturing, and government sectors accounted for 95 percent of all infringement reports over the decades. One reason being these industries are not very careful about protecting customer data.

Another possible reason could be as these industries’ records contain numerous personal information, they are the hackers’ favorite targets.

Check out the stats of cyber-security in the age of coronavirus.

There are many reliable ways to protect your small business from these risks. Let us check them out!

Find a Secure Hosting Provider

Setting up a website these days is easier than ever. With an easy-to-use website builder, anyone can create one. No matter how good a website is, it is worthless if it is not hosted on a stable server.

Make sure a PCI-compliant hosting provider hosts the website. If you want to protect the checkout and payment process of your website from hackers, this is a must.

Most website owners do not know this, but hosting your site on a reliable server can also help Google and Bing rankings.

Never use free hosting services. The free hosting service may seem attractive, but its speed and shared space are limited, and it is very risky from a security point of view. It is advised that you pick a hosting provider based on the need of your website.

Assume you have various useful information on your site. In that case, you need a hosting provider to provide you with sufficient security and privacy. VPS hosting is an outstanding option for these websites.

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server,” as it refers to the freedom to allocate power on your own, resulting in quicker load times. You can also increase your storage space, Memory, and CPU productivity.

Unlike shared servers, VPS hosting means that clients’ traffic and activities from other servers will not affect your operations negatively.

Cloud Backups

By regularly backing up your information, you can improve the protection of your business. Your files, data, and other resources need to be backed up as they are the backbone of your business. This is useful if your data is lost due to an unknown intrusion.

Nowadays, when there is malware (counting ransomware) that can disable its structure or remove all information, it is always good to strengthen all information (especially basic information). That requires to be updated frequently.

Saving a backup to an external hard drive or in the cloud is an easy way to keep all your information safe.

Organizations worldwide and new startups are gradually shifting to public and private cloud environments, and this development shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. The financial advantages of cloud environments will reinforce its growth.

Invest in a VPN server

Like VPS, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is very effective in enhancing the online security of businesses. This technology guarantees total privacy when using the Internet.

A VPN enhances protection by encrypting and securing your data and helps to manage it remotely. It can help you hide identities online and avoid geo-restricted content.

Let us take a look at how a VPN can keep your online business safe (and watch Netflix in any country). It connects you to the desired website through an encrypted virtual tunnel.

Since a remote VPN server provides this connection, the server’s IP address will replace the original IP address. Since a VPN encrypts all of your internet activities, no one can decrypt your personal information.

Get a Proper Firewall on your Network

The firewall is the first line of security whenever an attacker attempts to obtain access to your payment terminal. It is a network management framework that can track and manage incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security laws.

If the information has been compromised from the device, the firewall will quickly identify it. If your firewall notices that something strange has happened to your system, it will automatically shut down the process. Additionally, a firewall can protect your computer from malware and other Internet threats.

There are several key points to consider before purchasing a firewall solution.

The built-in website filter comes with some firewall solutions that allow you to blacklist websites based on their name and category. This is a good option, so make sure the firewall you choose can filter spam.

Suppose you do not have a separate antivirus program. In that case, you will need to choose a firewall with a built-in antivirus function. The firewall should be able to monitor SSL encrypted data.

Do not Ignore Email Security

Millions of emails are sent every day. Research shows that approximately 73% of email is spam.

A high volume of email messages that you receive indicates a security risk. However, email is widely used to infect computer systems with malware such as ransomware.

To avoid this, employees should be warned against subscribing to untrusted mailing lists. Also, you must purchase powerful anti-spam software that can remove spam emails and links.

Be careful when opening email attachments, as nine out of ten viruses infect computer systems through attachments. It is recommended to scan each attached file before opening it.

Protect your IT network

Many security software options on the market can test your network and payment terminals for security vulnerabilities.

Therefore, always look for reliable antivirus and antimalware software. You can search for a full security kit that involves the elimination of malware and web penetration testing.


The advent of the Internet and technologies has made many opportunities, but also added certain risks. Cyber-attacks have become quite common, and small businesses are the main targets.

In the 21st century, investments in security are huge. Therefore, by using these techniques, you can protect your business from sneak attacks. This way, your business will be safe, and you will be protected. Here are some of the cyber-security predictions for 2021.