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7 Facts about the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef belongs to one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Business Coupons: How They Could Benefit Your Business Profits

Business Coupons: How They Could Benefit Your Business Profits Giving out business coupons during a financial recession will always be considered as an excellent option. While people tend to spend less when there’s an economic crisis, business owners have nothing to worry about as they can have coupons as an effective marketing strategy to increase … Continue reading »

How Video Games are Changing the World

How Video Games Continue to Change the World There was a time when video games were seen as a waste of time. Teenage boys and girls sitting in their rooms for hours playing mindless games. This is no longer true and today we have eSports or professional video gaming. Yes, that’s right. There are teens … Continue reading »

6 Facts about Edirne, Turkey

The city was originally named Adrianople, after the Roman emperor Hadrian who founded it.

6 Facts about Manila, Philippines

There are actually tunnels under Manila, wide enough for trucks to pass through!

7 Facts about Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are over 300 Buddhist temples located in the city, having more temples than any other city in Thailand!

8 Facts about Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The city began as a fishing village, but its strategic location turned it into a major port and naval base.

Plan Your Business Meetings Like a Pro with Calendar Templates

How many times have you researched for the perfect app that provides you with all the options you need for meetings? Even though stores have so many, you might have not found one that works as your mind does. Some freemium versions even ask you to pay before your see what those options include. While … Continue reading »

6 Facts about Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the largest capital of the seven emirates!

7 Facts about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The city’s name translates to “the Gardens”.

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