5 Tips For Choosing Office Wall Art


Modern workspaces today put great emphasis on interior design and decorations. Why? This is because a well-put-together work environment inspires employees to work productively, unlike a cluttered workspace. Furthermore, when your business partners, vendors, and clients visit your office, they’ll have a positive impression of how beautiful the space is, which is a plus point of how they perceive your business in general.

When it comes to interior design, art pieces are known to enhance your workspace atmosphere instantly. Depending on your office theme, many businesses nowadays are getting more creative in the way they add artworks. Aside from framed pictures and paintings, wall tapestries are among the most sought-after modern art designs for newer offices. 

Consider these tips when you’re looking to redesign or add some office wall art.

1. Consider Your Office Size And Space 

Your artwork must be positioned effectively not only for it to be admired and inspire your employees every day but also for more significant reasons. For instance, it should be placed in a room with enough space to accommodate the size of your art piece. Whether it’s sketches, images, or posters, they need enough space on the wall. Pay attention to areas that give first impressions, such as the lobby and meeting rooms. You might find the most significant potential for influential art to be displayed in high-traffic areas. 

However, aside from deciding to showcase fantastic art in these frequently visited areas, it’s ideal for hanging a few art pieces in restrooms or hallways, as they can also add more value to your office. Keep in mind that art should be scaled to fit the exhibition space.  Larger pieces will create a strong impression on more expansive walls. A picture that creates the illusion of air and light is ideal for darker or narrower rooms. 

2. Take Your Time 

Since artwork essentially improves your office’s overall vibe, it’s only understandable why this next tip is essential. It’s crucial not to be rash about making decisions on what art form will go well with your office. You can gather and scan through your choices and settle on the top five. You can even engage your employees to vote on what art pieces they prefer in specific areas of your office. When you become open to other people’s perspectives, you might realize new aspects that you might have been unable to see had you chosen to make the decision on your own.

Don’t rush into making a purchase. Take your time and be certain about it before you buy. Some artworks could be pretty expensive, so it’s understandable how crucial it is to consider your options. When the time is right and when you’re finally sure, you won’t regret it later. 

3. Match Artwork With Your Office Theme 

You should select artwork for your office that speaks to your business objectives and communicates what your business is all about. You need to choose pieces that are relevant to your work, as well as those that reflect the company’s nature and industry. Choosing a theme related to your work is an excellent place to start. For instance, you can go for a variety of pretty views if your business is related to tourism.

However, it’s okay not to stick with something that’s obviously associated with your business. For example, you can’t go wrong with abstracts, pop art, or any other art pieces that you feel will look great in your office space or complement your chosen theme.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Incorporate Any Form Of Art 

Because of an evolution, gone are the days when the office was nothing more than a workplace. Now, offices are expected to be a relaxing place where employees can work, rest, or chat with their colleagues comfortably. Hence, it’s essential to design it right. You can always choose any artwork you want for your office. There’s no definite right and wrong art piece that will work well in your workplace. It’s all a matter of how you mix and match your decorative elements. 

You can even go for group photos of your employees or random art drawings that you saw online. Anything can actually look great on your office walls as long as you consider the palette and theme. You don’t have to limit yourself to framed wall art since there’s a plethora of art pieces that will brighten up your space. 

5. Patronize Local Artists 

Select an art piece representing your town or city or support a local artist. This is a wonderful way your business can contribute to local art. If you have any local artists whose work and styles you’ve always appreciated, it would mean a lot to them if you were to choose their pieces for your office space. 

Searching the internet for some local artwork is an excellent option if you don’t have access to art galleries nearby. You’ll be surprised at how unique or elaborative these local art pieces can be and how they can elevate your office more.


Using art to demonstrate your business creativity is always effective and smart. Your customers, guests, and business partners will all have a better impression of your brand. And your employees will have greater productivity when their workplace is filled with inspirational art pieces. While not everyone is an art lover, your members would enjoy working in a well-decorated office that maximizes productivity