5 Ways To Make Sure Your Partner Is Safe On The Internet


As much as the internet is an interesting place that allows billions of people to connect throughout the world, it can also be a dangerous place which is why it is important to stay safe on the internet. There are many dangers that you can come across online including cyberbullying, online predators, phishing inappropriate content, and many others. Cyber security should be our main priority to make sure we are safe as well as to ensure the safety of our loved ones. There are some ways that you can make sure your partner is safe online and this article will explore 5 of those ways.

Secretly read their messages

This might be a controversial take but if you are concerned about your partner’s online safety, you might want to check up on their online activity to put your mind at ease. You might want to do this secretly though to avoid any drama or alarm. There are many apps out there initially designed for parental control and phone tracking, but if you’re worried that your girlfriend, for example, is getting suspicious messages that threaten her safety, you can use these apps for checking her messages. Also don’t make this a habit, only do it occasionally.

Change passwords regularly

It is tempting to use the same password across all your accounts because this is just easier to remember compared to having to remember multiple passwords. The risk however is that someone can easily figure out what your password is which would give that person access to all your accounts. It is recommended that each account have a different and unique password for extra safety. Changing your password often also reduces the risk of a third party accessing your account frequently because it can be difficult to know if someone else is using your account and many hackers don’t take what they want and leave, they access your account continuously to steal information overtime and monitor data. Consider changing your password as frequently as every few months.

Post carefully

Another thing that you should remind your partner of is discretion. They should be reminded that they should not be sharing too much personal information on the internet and to post with intention and caution. This is because the internet is a huge open space with many different people and personalities who can easily access your information and internet activity. You want to protect your lifestyle, your family, and your information. This is why you should avoid oversharing which includes checking into every location, posting children, the outside of your home or your work etc.

Avoid texting with strangers

Growing up we always heard our parents tell us not to talk to strangers and this is not only relevant in the physical world. When you are on the internet, you should avoid texting strangers and you should encourage your loved ones to avoid this too. When you engage with strangers, they can use the information you have provided to stalk you or pursue criminal activity where you are unfortunately the victim. Strangers on the internet can also get close to you so that they can target those close to you such as your children. This is why it is recommended that you do not post any public images of your children on the internet. You don’t know who is on the other side of the screen so encourage your partner to practice caution because online predators are real.

Use antivirus

When it comes to internet security software, you shouldn’t expect to be protected against every single threat however, it will detect and remove malware in most cases as long as you keep your antivirus program up to date. Your operating system updates must stay current because this is where you will receive the most vital layer of security. Antivirus software will help you detect, prevent and also take any necessary action against software on your computer that is malicious such as viruses. Antivirus software is considered an essential part of any good online internet security strategy.

We live in a world where danger exists and this is the reality of the digital world as well. There are criminals on the internet who are lurking and waiting to make a victim out of someone. You must protect yourself and your loved ones and if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to make the internet experience a bit safer for your partner.