6 Facts about Morocco


1. Morocco, in December 1777, became the first nation to recognize the United States as an independent government, and together they maintain the United States’ longest unbroken treaty


2. The King of Morocco, Hassan II, grabbed the radio during an assassination attempt and told the rebel pilots who were firing at Hassan’s Boeing 727: “Stop firing! The tyrant is dead!”. This made the assassins break off their attack


3. Despite the world’s hottest pepper scoring 2 million Scoville heat units, and pure capsaicin reaching 16 million, there is another still hotter. A Moroccan cactus produces a resin that hits an estimated 16 billion


4. In 2003, Morocco offered to send 2,000 monkeys to assist the war effort in Iraq. They were to be used to detonate land mines


5. Mohammed V, monarch of Morocco and Vichy French colonial subject, was ordered to produce a list of Jewish subjects. He responded: “There are no Jews in Morocco. There are only Moroccans”


6. There are plans to build a tunnel between Spain and Morocco, connecting Africa to Europe