7 Facts about Egypt


7. In ancient Egypt, the deceased bodies of beautiful and high ranking women were left to decay for 3 to 4 days before being sent off for embalming. They did this to discourage necrophilia (sex with the dead)


6. Ancient Egyptian workmen who dug the pharaohs’ tombs got paid sick leave, according to 3000 year-old records


5. Many ancient Egyptian pharaohs were overweight and unhealthy, in contrast to their typical depiction. That was likely due to a sugary diet of alcohol, bread, and honey


4. The Roman emperor Caracalla slaughtered 20,000 Egyptians because they made a play mocking him


3. There is a deity in Egyptian mythology who represents the concept of Endlessness, Eternity, and Infinity. His name is “Huh”


2. Slaves didn’t build the pyramids of Egypt. They were laborers who were respected for their work and were bestowed the honor of being buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids of their pharaohs


1. Ancient Egyptians used moldy bread as treatment for infected burn wounds, possibly already utilizing the antibiotic effects of molds accidentally discovered by Alexander Fleming