Biggest Trends in Sports Marketing Today


Image Source: Piqsels

Caption: Women’s soccer is breaking into the mainstream

Few industries can change course or have new trends break out quite like the sports industry can, with marketers constantly having to keep a finger on the pulse and respond to what is going on.

2020 has been no exception, with some trends coming from nowhere to catch people and their companies by surprise.

If you did not know them already, here are some of the biggest and most important trends in sports marketing today.

Women’s Sports Are on the Map in a Big Way

After the runaway success of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, big sports brands had their eyes opened to the fact it didn’t matter whether women players could run as fast or shoot as hard as their male counterparts, as long as the storylines that were developed captured the imagination of audiences.

Flash-forward a few months and there has been a genuine change regarding the seriousness with which women’s sports are now being treated.

Sports such as boxing, football, tennis, and CrossFit, are all beginning to garner the attention of bookmakers, journalists, and paying fans who are willing to wager a free sports bet on events filled with athletes of any gender.

With women’s sportswear and workout attire being a booming market, expect more money and attention to be given to women’s sports in the near future.

Esports are Fast Integrating Into Sports Schedules

Another area of the sporting landscape that is shifting swiftly is Esports, with many traditional sports leagues and teams now incorporating Esports competitions into their schedules.

A great example of this is in F1, where the F1 Esports Pro Series has taken off in a big way, with teams even beginning to scout talent there, that can then be moved over onto real-life cars. As mobile gaming and other Esports continue to grow, there is no doubt that this an important trend to keep an eye on.

Image Source: Piqsels

Caption: Esports are the next big show rolling into a town or live stream near you

Sustainability Matters to People Who Love the Great Outdoors

With plastics suffocating oceans and global warming wrecking certain ecosystems, there is more pressure than ever for sports companies to improve their green credentials.

This is particularly important for those brands that work in the realm of extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and surfing.

Those brands are not seen to be doing their bit for the environment are likely to suffer in the long term. However, eco-friendly brands have many opportunities before them.