Easy Ways To Make the Most Of Your Business Video Calls



Over the past year, video calls have impacted the way we conduct business in a mammoth way. Apart from allowing business to be conducted ‘almost as normal’ during a global pandemic, video conferencing has also been found to save businesses time that would typically be spent on commuting and setting up a conference room. Additionally, communicating via video call can also save both a business and its employees a considerable amount of money. Due to the ability of video calls to facilitate new and exciting ways of working, it will undoubtedly continue to influence the future of business significantly.

Remote work will become more widespread

2020 only gave us a glimpse of the extent to which remote work will change the face of employment. It has been estimated that by 2025, up to 70% of the world’s workforce will work from a remote location at least five days every month. Thanks to the technological advances being made in relation to video conferencing and other remote working tools, an increasing number of employers and workers may actively seek out remote working opportunities. Employers are also already well aware of how they can benefit from hiring a remote workforce. The talent pool becomes considerably larger when you are not constrained by geographical limitations.

Appearances will once again be a priority 

Over the last decade or two, traditional business attire and an overall fresh, clean look have made way for more casual clothes and a less professional appearance. When video calling started to gain traction, everyone from the CEO to the part-time office worker showed up at their virtual meetings sporting t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, and even nightgowns. Now, after more than a year of disastrous Zoom meetings being shared all over social media, a new trend is finally emerging: dress for your video call as you would for an in-person meeting. If you usually wear a tailored skirt and jacket to meetings, put on your skirt and formal jacket. If you’re a chinos and golfers man, then that is what you should wear. Both men and women are also starting to give more thought to the accessories they wear during a virtual meeting, ensuring that their earrings, necklaces and bracelets all contribute towards their overall look.

An increasing number of processes will be streamlined 

Apart from making everything from team meetings to large conferences more productive, video calling also allows a business to reach more people at a significantly lower cost. Project delivery can, for example, be accelerated by making use of screen-shared visuals during a meeting or conference. As video communication continues to gain traction, it will be incorporated into an expanding range of business processes. Just as legal proceedings are already taking place via video conferencing platforms, operators within the financial advisory, tax consultancy, and real estate industries will all continue to follow suit and make use of video call tech to streamline their own processes.

Video calling has impacted the way we do business in countless ways. Judging by the speed at which technological advances are being made, there is no telling to what exact extent the future of business will be revolutionized.