How to Attract a Girl’s Attention With a Profile Photo


The function of uploading personal photos is available on each dating site. However, there are no restrictions on the number of free photos on some sites, while on others, albums are opened only after purchasing a paid account. On the third — messaging, advanced search settings and other tools are available after posting at least one photo of the participant. Therefore, the main, or even the only picture in the profile of a man, should be selected correctly. Here are some tips to help you stand out from your competitors.

1.  Publish High-quality Photos

Guys often upload dark, blurry images that make it impossible to see the face and figure. Profiles with such photos are ignored by serious-minded hot Russian women on as they respond to men who have taken care of the “business card” of their profile.

2.  Only You Should Be in the Photo

As the main image, use a picture without friends, colleagues, relatives, or other women (even if it is a mother or sister). Be sure to tell that you are the life of the party and have a lot of friends but only after contact with the girl has already been established.

3.  Give Preference to Pictures That Show Your Face Clearly

Don’t be shy about your appearance, even if you cannot stand your ears, nose, or scar on your cheek. Remember that adequate girls aren’t looking for Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling. To draw attention to yourself, upload a photo where you are smiling, openly and friendly looking at the camera.

4.  Don’t Exaggerate

Many believe that the abuse of Photoshop is the prerogative of women only. But practice shows that men also resort to this wonderful application. Poor-quality Photoshop can be seen immediately, and it won’t cause anything but smirks.

What Can Scare a Woman Away?

The absence of a photo in the participant’s profile is a reason to be wary. Not all guys have objective reasons for this. But distrust and negativity can be caused not only by the absence but also by the presence of a picture if a man makes the following mistakes:

  • In sunglasses. Unwillingness to take off sunglasses is regarded as disrespect, a deliberate desire to add a bit of mystery to the overall image. The look is also a means of communication, and you shouldn’t forget about it.
  • In underwear or naked. This includes photos from the beach, hammock, sauna, pool, and water park. Even if you have a ridged six-pack, don’t show it to everyone at once. Your athletic figure a girl will appreciate even in pictures where you are decently dressed, and images of an intimate nature are unlikely to convince a woman of the seriousness of your intentions.
  • Such “photo evidence” is prohibited in the same way as images without clothes. By choosing such a picture for the profile, you demonstrate that this state is common for you.

Remember that you have only one chance to attract the woman who visited your profile. These recommendations will help you avoid typical mistakes when choosing a photo for a dating site.