How Will 5G Affect Digital Operations?


The fifth-generation standard technology for cellular networks is expected to have a significant impact on a wide array of different industries over the coming years. While enhanced speeds are at the heart of technical advancement, 5G will ensure far more flexibility for businesses and individual users. So, let’s look at several ways that 5G will affect digital operations.

Enhance Aspects of Gaming

As a result of the network’s capabilities, it’s well-placed to enhance digital operations in diverse sectors, such as gaming. Crucially, the introduction of 5G is likely to ensure that mobile gaming, in particular, reaches new, unprecedented heights after establishing itself as a $68.5 billion industry, as per TechCrunch. Fundamentally, the forward-thinking nature of 5G technology will enable the ever-growing smartphone market to grow by providing more stable wireless connections.

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Furthermore, the successor to the fourth-generation network will ensure much lower latency, enabling users to enjoy undetectable levels of latency of approximately one millisecond, according to Importantly, because of this, prospective gamers will be able to enjoy more console-like experiences on their smartphones, including immersing themselves in multiplayer titles, such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Additionally, access to 5G, which is reportedly set to be introduced in the United States by the end of 2020, will also benefit diverse gaming genres, including the ever-growing iGaming sector. The low levels of latency, combined with increased speeds, will help to minimize the prospect of lag. In turn, this added stability may make selecting a casino more troublesome due to the market’s competitiveness. With that in mind, if you have to choose from online casinos, those listed at BonusFinder are some of the sector’s most comprehensive real-money operators. Crucially, in addition to their free spin and deposit bonuses, each platform’s games, especially their real-time titles, are likely to be enhanced by 5G’s heightened speeds.

Reliability Aiding Businesses

Aside from possessing the capabilities to improve numerous aspects of the gaming industry, the latest wireless network could prove advantageous to businesses of all sizes. As touched upon above, 5G will offer speeds that are estimated to be around 20 times faster than 4G. Significantly, this technological development will play a pivotal role in increasing the rate at which tasks are performed.

5G City auf Smartphone” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Christoph Scholz

While speeds are at the heart of 5G networks, the advancement also focuses on seamlessly being able to manage high-demand applications. As per the Telegraph, 5G will support up to a 100-fold increase in traffic capacity. Crucially, this will seek to benefit operators at large-scale events by providing them with network coverage in previously uncovered areas.

Moreover, this remote network development will also alter the accessibility and convenience of remote working. According to a report by TechRadar, over 50 percent of staff in 2019 worked remotely for at least 2.5 days of the week. Due to the network’s enhanced speeds, this will enable heightened business flexibility regarding out-of-office work. It’s a testament to 5G’s technical capabilities that business will, for example, be able to share large files through a cloud-based system with undeniable efficiency.

The Foundations for Business Development

Ultimately, few can argue with the fact that 5G looks set to be the catalyst for long-term progression from a remote standpoint. From smartphone gaming to large-scale organizations and independent companies, each will, in their own way, benefit from the fast speeds, low latency, and increased traffic capacity of 5G networks.