Using Tech to Make Your Business More Sustainable


There are many reasons many companies are choosing to go green and looking for more sustainable solutions. In addition to concern about the environment, many of these solutions save money. They can also be attractive to some consumers, who may choose the company over their competitors on this basis. Far from being the enemy of a greener future, tech can play a big part in helping companies with this change.

Greener Fleets

One of the more exciting new developments is the rise in electric vehicles and the necessary infrastructure to support them. If you are considering replacing some or all of your fleet with EVs, you can review a guide that examines what your options are for chargers, what the longest range on an electric car is, and how you can maximize the advantages of your EV fleet.

Greener Energy

Look to switching to more renewable energy sources. This could mean switching to a more sustainable supplier, if such an option is available. However, if you own your own building, you might also want to consider installing solar panels, which can come with an upfront cost but can lead to substantial savings over a period of years. If you are in an area that has good public transportation, you could offer free or reduced transit passes to employees or take other steps to encourage them to travel by public transit instead of driving.

Staggering start and end times rather than sticking to a more rigid work schedule might make it more convenient for some people to travel by bus, train, or subway. Depending on where you are located and where you live, there might even be ways to encourage employees to walk, run, or cycle to work. Try to hold more meetings on video conferencing software rather than traveling for them.

Paperless Office

It’s best to avoid using paper as much as possible. This saves money on printing, paper, and storage space for bulky files. You might still incur some digital storage costs, but these are generally much lower than the cost of physical storage. Try to switch as many of your vendors and customers as possible to paperless billing.

Even documents such as contracts can be exchanged and signed entirely electronically now. When it is necessary to use paper products, try to avoid single-use products. This can extend not just to paper used in the office but to products such as paper towels and toilet paper as well. Stock the company kitchen with reusable dishes, cups, and silverware instead of disposable items.

Explore Green Roofs

Plants and natural lights make for a more pleasant work environment, and landscaping with native plants helps build healthy habitats. Neither of these are tech solutions, but a green roof may be. This is a roof that can perform several different functions, including insulating, filtering water, and improving air. Green roofs can store water, perform carbon sequestering, and create a native wildlife habitat even in dense urban environments. This is another option if you own the building in which your business is located.