10 Facts about Philippines


1. Filipino officials stopped illegal fishing techniques using dynamite by placing underwater statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary that no one would dare damage.


2. The only thing that is keeping China from claiming part of the South China Sea is an old partially-sunken WWII era US warship that the Filipino government refuses to decommission, thus making it an extension of its government.


3. In response to the United States buying the Philippines from Spain for $20 million, Andrew Carnegie personally offered $20 million to the Philippines so that the Filipino people could buy their independence back from the United States.


4. The current mayor of Davao City, Phillipines is noted for transforming the city from the murder capital of the nation to “the most peaceful city in Southeast Asia” through vigilante means and toleration of extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals. Time magazine dubbed him “The Punisher”.


5. There is a lake on the Phillipines that has an island in it. That has a lake on it. That has an island in it.


6. Two surfboards left behind during the filming of “Apocalypse Now” are what gave birth to the Filipino surfing community


7. A Filipino president pardoned a Japanese soldier in 1974 who committed multiple murders and engaged police in numerous shootouts. The soldier refused to believe that WWII was over.


8. The Filipino flag is flown with the red stripe up in times of war and blue stripe up in times of peace.


9. “P. Sherman” was chosen in Finding Nemo because it sounds like the word ‘fisherman’ spoken with a Filipino accent.


10. Under Apartheid, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Koreans were considered “Honorary White”, Chinese were considered “Colored”, and Filipinos were considered “Black”.