4 Compelling Reasons to Use Video Testimonials in Business


Image source: Pixabay

Satisfied customers are every entrepreneur’s best marketing resource. Traditionally, a happy customer could only help as a marketing resource through word of mouth. While word of mouth was and is still effective in promoting a business’s product or services, it is limited in its potential reach.

Luckily, technological advancement has captured satisfying experiences and shared the same with wider audiences. The most common methods of capturing customer experiences are through audio, text, and video testimonials. Of the three video testimonials have proved to be the most effective option.

Creating your own video testimonials

Traditionally, creating customer testimonials involved the use of expensive gear, which could be out of reach for most startups. Additionally, testimonials created using high-end gear result in videos that created an impression of scripted testimonials that may not be effective in building social proof.

If you are thinking of creating video testimonials for your brand, your computer and common sense are all you need. Even better, you do not need to fly to the consumers’ location to make a recording. Vocal video helps you make your own video testimonial by guiding your subject through the process of recording the video on their own through an easy-to-use online software accessed through a link sent via email.

Why do you need to use video testimonials for your business?

1.      It helps build an emotional connection.

Reading a text or listening to an audio message can convey emotion or an idea. However, nothing beats a video testimonial in building an emotional connection with a brand. Unlike a written or audio testimonial that lacks subtle but important facial expressions of the subject giving the testimonial, video captures it all.

The subtle facial expressions that a satisfied customer shows elicit an audience’s emotional connection with a product or brand, which can significantly influence a customer’s buying decisions.

2.      Video-based information has a higher information retention rate.

According to experts, the human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text and effectively enhances memory retention. While other testimonials effectively reach a given number of people, you will want to leverage one that is guaranteed to stay on the consumer’s brain for longer.

The more a potential customer can remember your brand, the higher their chances of preferring your brand over your competitors when making a purchasing decision.

3.      Video testimonials have a wider reach.

The goal of every marketer is to reach as wide an audience as they possibly can, and video content remains the best performing content. According to statistics, video tweets have ten times more engagement than text-only tweets.

The more engagement your marketing content has, the wider the audience it can reach. The same applies to video testimonials. When a potential customer sees a video testimonial of a product they are interested in, they will be more inclined to share, comment, or like, all of which effectively enhance their reach.

4.      Testimonials help control the narrative.

Some review avenue channels, however good, cannot be controlled. Customers or potential customers are free to comment, review or rate in online mediums, but they can’t control your video testimonial content. Video testimonials put you in control of your content. You can use your favorite client’s videos to draw the attention of potential clients with the best testimonials at your disposal.

You can create testimonials that highlight a particular product or use a unique tactic that sets you apart from your competitors. Video testimonials can be done as an individual client video or as a one video compilation of several clients praising your products or services. The good thing is you can choose to show only the best from your databank of testimonials.