5 Marketing Tips for Social Media Growth


Big budgets, large teams and a lot of leg work is what most conventional marketing is all about. But with the advent of social media, marketing is changing from the old conventional way to the new way of marketing availed by social media and many of the features available on it. Additionally, social media is predicted to reach about 3.43 billion monthly active users by 2023 which means businesses can reach customers in ways never imagined before and countries they could not in the past.

Social media comes with several benefits that businesses can leverage including convenience, affordability and more direct access to customers. Making it even more worthwhile is the simplicity of using social media that can be learned in a very short time. Some of the things you will learn about will be shared below.

Hashtags are vital

Bird of the same feather flock together and are clearly displayed on social media when you consider hashtags. These are the GPS of social media and will lead you to the kind of customers brands want and more. Hashtags are a collection of similar information that may refer to a niche of users where you can find content and participate in order to engage customers and create some awareness of your brand. Additionally, you will not have to reinvent the wheel because through hashtags, you can view content that works or creates engagement, reuse it or create content similar to it that will draw people to your social media page. A couple of hashtags options exist such as branded hashtags, community hashtags and trending hashtags, which are great to use, and there are even tools like TaskAnt that generate the best. These are all available to the user to use to their benefit depending on their need.

Find a niche

Too many cooks spoil the broth but for brands, targeting too many customers spoils their message. Targeting everybody makes it difficult to create a focused direction in terms of brand offerings but also, ends up missing the mark because of too many variables. Niches narrow that down to a specific group of users who have similar tastes and preferences in content. It also gives brands the opportunity to engage in topics of interest to their customer base that will draw attention to them and help them understand their customers better. Niches provide a more laser focused direction in terms of content created. Some niches that exist include travel, martial arts and foodies.

Actively engage

Social media was created mainly for one thing, interaction. It was taking the human need for interaction from the physical to the virtual world. Some of the ways brands get to engage customers is by creating interesting and entertaining content considering users are on the app for entertainment. Brands can also actively engage in trends on social media, comment and share content that starts conversations between them and users to create familiarity with the brand.

Use all the features

Not all social media platforms are equal and what often makes the difference is the features they offer. Many of them range from images, filters and videos in many different formats. Instagram provides IGTV and IGLive and Reels which are video hosting platforms that give users the options to create short and longer length videos along with the option of streaming and engaging with users live. IGLive is most appropriate for events, conferences and seminars. While Reels are for short stories about employee activities.


Nothing speaks more for a brand being alive than being consistent in their content posting. Like a heartbeat, consistently posting shows that there is life in the brand.  High quality content posted consistently helps the algorithm work in favour of the brand. An easy way to reduce the work necessary for this is by using the scheduling feature that may be available on some of the platforms. You can focus on the things that matter most while social media posts for you.


Marketing can be more affordable and far reaching with the help of social media. Additionally, it can also be more entertaining and engaging for users who can now relate better with the brand through the platform features, and try different methods to increase their followers. Users love brands that have a human side to them and social media does a great job at bringing out the humanity of brands.