6 Facts about Abraham Lincoln


1. Abraham Lincoln once gave a speech in Bloomington, Illinois so captivating that it caused every single reporter present to forget to take notes. There is no copy of this speech in existence, and we can only guess at the content. This speech is known as Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Lost Speech’


2. Abraham Lincoln is in the wrestling hall of fame, losing only one out of about 300 matches. He once challenged an entire crowd of onlookers after dispatching an opponent: “I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.”


3. Everyone thought Abraham Lincoln was ugly, including himself. Once when he was accused of being “two-faced,” he replied, “If I had two faces, would I be wearing this one?”

abraham lincoln

4. The photographer who took Abraham Lincoln’s photo on the $5 bill is better known for inventing a pump-action folding shotgun


5. Abraham Lincoln created the secret service just hours before he was assassinated

abraham lincoln

6. Both Tom Hanks & George Clooney are related to Abraham Lincoln

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