8 Facts about Zambia


1. An Italian NGO decided to teach Zambians how to grow food and paid locals to grow tomatoes in a fertile valley that lacked agriculture. When the tomatoes grew large and ripe, 200 hippos came out from the river and ate everything. “That’s why we have no agriculture here”, Zambians explained


2. Coca-Cola’s distribution network is being used to transport life-saving medicines to remote regions of Zambia


3. Zambia had a space program in the 1960s. It consisted of a grade school science teacher, a teenage girl and her cat, and a missionary


4. Famine-hit Zambia rejected food aid because it was GMO


5. Zambia’s independence was declared on the day of the 1964 Olympics’ closing ceremony, making it the first and only country to start the Olympics as one country, and end it as another


6. When the water is at a certain level in Zambia, an eddy forms at the top of Victoria Falls, allowing people to swim to the crest of the waterfall without going over. It’s called the “Devil’s Pool”


7. Benadryl is a prohibited drug in Zambia, and US citizens have been jailed and had their passports confiscated for mere possession


8. 23,000 bicycles donated by the World Bicycle Relief had a huge positive impact in Zambia on both children’s school grades and the income for families