8 Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs


Everyone starting a new business needs a little help, and that can come in many forms. The things you set up at the very beginning of a venture can aid you throughout your career. So it’s always good to plan wisely.

For many, finding and setting up the correct tools from the get go is a must. There are dozens of incredible online tools to help right throughout the process.

From starting up to maintaining a strong business, we take a look at the best tools for entrepreneurs looking to make it in business.

Tailor Brands

Before a business even starts to make its mark branding must first be thought about.

Creating a logo is often at the heart of that. The Tailor Logo Generator is a fantastic tool from Tailor Brands that allow you to create simplistic logos perfect for applying to websites, paperwork, business cards and more.


Slack is a great app available for both mobile and desktop that allows you to communicate with both clients and colleagues.

You can set up channels and send documents via the instant messaging app, making it perfect for business.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most important bits of kit for many businesses and is essentially an online version of Microsoft Office.

It’s easy to share docs and you can build spreadsheets, documents and presentations, with multiple users able to edit at the same time.


For most businesses, e-mail is the main point of contact and Boomerang is a great tool that allows you to follow up if you’ve not received a response.

It’s a tool with many features including scheduling emails and placing emails back to the top of your inbox if you wish to come back to it later.


Sidekick is another email add-on that is extremely useful. With every email you send you can be notified when it has been read as well as seeing whether they have opened links and how many times they read it.

This is very useful when pitching for business as it will give you a good idea of how interested they are.


If you’re needing some form of service, perhaps an advert creating for example, the Fiverr is perfect. It’s a fantastic marketplace full of people offering services all starting from $5.

You can find pretty much everything you need from it, so really is a one-stop shop.


Trello is a project management tool that is perfect for organising your business.

Using the tool you can create checklists, add comments, upload files and generally keep everything you need in one place.


Similarly to Analytics, SEMrush will help you analyse how your site is performing on Google.

SEMrush is all about the keywords you’re ranking for and it’ll be a good indicator on where you could build links, optimise pages and create new content to get higher rankings and improved traffic.

There are lots of other tools that are helpful for small business owners these are just some of the ones that we like.