9 Facts about Nepal


1. A guy from Sweden rode his bicycle to Nepal, climbed Everest alone without Sherpas or bottled oxygen, then cycled back to Sweden again

nepal children

2. There is a festival in Nepal that dedicates an entire day to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty


3. The Constitution of Nepal states that if the President is male, the Vice President must be female, and vice versa


4. The flag of Nepal is so complicated that there is a 24-step instruction on how to draw it in the constitution of Nepal


5. In 2001, two Japanese men were arrested in Nepal trying to smuggle 542 beetles


6. Nepal is the only country in the world that has a non-quadrilateral flag


7. In 2001, the heir to the Nepalese throne killed the entire royal family before turning the gun on himself


8. A Nepalese Sherpa climbed to the summit of Mount Everest from base camp in just over 8 hours


9. Last year, 2 Nepalese adventurers completed the “Ultimate Descent” by climbing Mt. Everest, paragliding down, and then kayaking to the ocean


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