All You Need to Know about the Gambling Industry in California


California aka the Golden State is well known for its impressive beaches, tall palm trees, divine vineyards and a number of other exciting and fun things to keep anyone who visits fully engaged. You might think that gambling industry in California is sub-par by comparison to the glorious tall and flashy casino buildings in Las Vegas. However, the casino sector is prospering in California. Insane experiences are a major draw when it comes to travelling.

Many casino players are sadly unfamiliar with the gambling industry in California, however, this article will reveal all that you need to know about the gambling industry in California.

The Gambling Laws

The first thing you need to know about the gambling industry is the legislations which direct and dictate how, where, when and who can participate in this highly acclaimed activity. Sports betting is not yet permitted in California. The Golden State’s legislation must be amended in order to legalise betting. Card rooms, Indian nations and racing courses all have their own agendas and interests to put up for legal debate.

Legal sports betting is something that card rooms are opposed to. It is the desire of Native Americans that sports betting be kept to casinos controlled by their own gaming tribes and nations. And when it comes to racetrack owners, the situation isn’t much less tricky. California sportsbooks’ future remains in doubt despite fresh efforts and plans emerging, and there is no clear path forward in sight. For the time being,  Offshore betting sites and daily fantasy sports channels are the only places where Californians may gamble online at this time.

Online Gambling in California

At this point in time, online gambling licenses aren’t issued in the state of California. So no business or individual may provide bookmaking activities from within California’s state borders. Because land-based sports betting is not regulated, and internet betting is normally governed after commercial betting, online sportsbooks in the United States seem improbable at this time.

Furthermore, citizens of the Golden State are not prohibited by state law from placing bets at offshore casinos, and no one has been brought to justice for doing so. We’ve come across some trust-worthy sources of information that portray some decent online gambling options for CA residents that give gamblers the opportunity to engage in a variety of gambling related activities. The activities which Californian citizens can participate in these offshore gambling sites include sports gambling and casino gambling. There are plenty of perks which come along with betting at these offshore sites. They are most well known for offering incentives like matched deposits, welcome bonuses, free bets and free spins. We will be exploring these in a little more detail in the following sections.

Sports Gambling

Sports betting is now illegal in the state of California, and it is possible that it may remain so for some time. Despite this, locals may still gamble at offshore sites. In addition to some of the major sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, and NHL, they will be able to gamble in a variety of ways at offshore sites, with betting options like teasers, Moneyline and parlays.

Meanwhile, fantasy sports are a great hit. As with offshore betting, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) services are neither legal nor unlawful. If you live in California, you may place bets on the biggest contest providers.

Online Casino Gambling

As was mentioned earlier, California does not have any legally sanctioned internet gambling casinos. However, you can turn to the offshore casinos if you’re looking to play some poker, roulette or blackjack. These offshore casinos have plenty of intriguing incentives to make players gambling experience as adrenaline inducing as possible. When playing slots at these casinos, you can benefit from free spins which are either offered with a welcome bonus when you join a casino or as bonuses within the slot game itself. This is only one of the many offers to expect when signing up to an online casino.

Land-Based Gambling

The current gambling laws highlight that for the time being, land-based gambling is one of the most prominent ways to participate in the activity for the time being.


There are around 60 casinos in business in California. These casinos aren’t big enough to warrant mentioning by Vegas standards. However, they are well suited to their locations and populations. These tribal casinos are all run by Native American tribes and have a strict law that states that you can only enter once you’ve reached the legal drinking age of 21, which is a bit strange given that the legal age for gambling is technically 18.

Horse Racing

There are over ten racetracks in the Golden State. That makes California one of the top places in the country for horse racing fans.

Several variables are working in favour of the state’s gaming sector. Isn’t it strange that gaming has yet to reach its peak in the state?

The Future of California’s Gambling Industry

And there you have it! Not only is California one of the ultimate destinations you workaholics can turn to if you need to relax, but it’s also got quite a prosperous gambling industry. The gaming sector in California isn’t any different from the rest of the country. The Golden State has travelled upon a well-trodden route to prosperity.

In the coming years we can expect to see more lax regulations on Casino Gambling in California. There’s the possibility of adding on some renowned games and wheels to  this category to draw even more players in. We predict that sports betting will also reach its legal peak in the United States shortly, which means that we can also expect a wonderful upwards spike in California’s Gambling Industry soon.