Prepaway – What’s Next after the Retirement of Microsoft 70-346 Exam? All You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 Changes.


Predominantly, Microsoft has embraced the only constant in this world, and that is the modification of their certification path to provide a more realistic career approach. With this transition, many exams were retired and will soon be pensioned off to keep up abreast with the new role-based certifications, and particularly with the changing world of information technology.

One of the many retired certification exams is 70-346. But even with the retirement of this exam and its certification―the MCSA: Office 365 – no need to worry because Microsoft has everything prepped for you. Microsoft is ready to take you to the next level with their new technical certifications. The question is―are you ready?


Goodbye MCSA: Office 365, Welcome Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

For those who’ve always wanted to step up their skills in Microsoft Office 365, you can still chase this dream with a new role-based certification. Replacing the MCSA: Office 365, the new Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert is actually more relatable because it focuses more on harnessing skills. This means that once you prepare and further pass the certification exams, your technical proficiency is already polished. Practical skills are highly important when applying for a job or eyeing a promotion. Of course, employers would give priority to those who are capable of doing real work rather than those who are all knowledge without application. Hence, the new Microsoft technical certification is very efficient when it comes to preparing you for the real-world setting.

Still, both old and new Microsoft certifications discourse over Microsoft Office 365, which is a renowned subscription service featuring a series of productivity products for business. In particular, Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert exposes you to a comprehensive understanding of this particular Microsoft line.

Retired and replaced certification exams

Certifications and exams are correlated. Thus, the retirement of MCSA: Office 365 also means the retirement of exam 70-346, as well as 70-347. Replacing the old exams are MS-100 and MS-101. These new Microsoft exams focus on how enterprise administrators effectively assess, strategize, migrate, organize, and administer Microsoft 365 services.

But before you take the two new exams, there’s a prerequisite certification. You need to complete one of Microsoft workload administrator certifications – Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator, Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate, and Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate. Note, that if you’ve gained the MCSE Productivity certification, you can also opt for these new exams (MS-100 and MS-101). Earning one of these prerequisite certifications gives you a strong foundation of Microsoft 365, in which you can apply when preparing the exams.

Newer, deeper coverage for Microsoft 365

The new certification for Microsoft 365 is a refined version, providing up-to-date and in-depth topics. Featuring two certification exams, MS-100 and MS-101, these give candidates a deeper analysis of how Microsoft 365 works in the real-world.

For exam MS-100, it targets on Microsoft 365 identity and services. This will strengthen your skills in managing domains, identity, roles, subscription, service requests, and such. Access and authentication are also substantial subjects to be discussed. To complete your skills, you will be exposed to workloads and applications deployment. All these technical tasks fortify your practical proficiency so that you’ll be ready to take the second portion of the certification exam, which is MS-101.

On the contrary, exam MS-101 elaborates topics related to Microsoft 365 mobility and security. One of the important skills measured in this exam is how you implement device services, security, and threat management. It will also aid you in understanding subjects like Mobile Device Management (MDM), Cloud App Security (CAS), and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Managing device compliance, security reports, and governance are part of the expertise you’ll gain with this exam.

Prepare with PrepAway

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The future with Microsoft’s role-based certifications

The changes in Microsoft certification is definitely an eye-opener. It shows that the IT industry is always evolving, so as IT corporations. Through Microsoft’s career-focused certification path, professionals are lead towards a more truthful future. Getting a job in this fast-paced industry has become more and more challenging―not just because of the growing number of competitors but also with the nonstop updates within the industry.

This modification may be bothersome but it’s for the best interest of everyone. Role-based certifications are designed to help individuals strengthen their technical skills. So, instead of just gaining broad knowledge, you will reinforce your real-world abilities to sustain with today’s technical job roles. And this technical expertise will create a positive impact on whatever career you want to pursue―whether you want to be an administrator, developer, solutions architect, or functions consultant. The ball is in your court!


Every end has a new beginning. Even with the retirement of Microsoft exam 70-346 and Microsoft Office 365 certification, Microsoft candidates are still ensured of a noteworthy career path with the aid of the new Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert. Embrace the change and be ready for a more exciting and remarkable IT career with Microsoft role-based certifications! Pass MS-100 and MS-101 certification exams on your first try with PrepAway website and enjoy the benefits you’ll gain. Wish you success!