Work Hard and Play Hard: How to Have a Perfect Break from Running Your Small Business


Running your own business is no walk in the park. Alongside taking care of the day to day responsibilities of running the office, you need to coordinate a team and constantly make sure you are all hitting your targets. When working so hard all the time, it is crucial that you also make sure you take a break for yourself.

Taking some time away from work will give you the opportunity to release all of the stress and worries that have built up over the year and focus on simply having fun. To help you to achieve this, you will find below some essential information when it comes to planning the perfect, relaxing break you need.

Give yourself time to relax

The most important thing about going on your holiday is that you well and truly leave work behind. Learning how to stop working on holiday when you are used to always putting in the extra hours is difficult, but not impossible.

To begin with, you need to make sure you have someone you trust in charge while you are away who has both the skills and the authority to do your job without you. The next thing you need to do is leave all of your devices at home, or at least mute your work email on your phone so that you are not tempted to check when you should be out and enjoying the sun.

Finding the right holiday destination for you

Deciding where to go on holiday is never easy because there is a big wide world out there for you to see. A great idea is to have a look at 2020 holidays and browse through the different recommended destinations to see what is going to suit your needs. Choosing a place that is different from home is always a good way to go. For example, if you work in a busy city, choosing a sunny, rural destination will be a welcome change for you and vice versa.

A good idea is to choose a package holiday because this means that you don’t need to put in any leg work when it comes to planning. Instead, you can let the travel agency sort you out with gorgeous accommodation, delicious food, and lots of activities and sightseeing to keep you occupied.

Invest in relaxation

Your holiday is the one chance you are going to get this year to let yourself go, so doing some research into the benefits of spa treatments and booking yourself a day of pampering at your resort is the best way to do.

Something as simple as a massage can help to reduce your stress and help you feel calm while you get some time away from being a full-time CEO. Stress can have a big negative impact on the body, and investing some time and money into dealing with this is something that you will not regret while you are away.