Casino Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts


Visiting a casino soon? You need to know the etiquette, or you could face some serious embarrassment. No one wants to get thrown out of a casino for texting during a game of blackjack (yep, that can happen). Here are the dos and don’ts of casino etiquette, so you can waltz up to the tabldo es like a pro.

Do tip your dealer

In most casinos, it’s expected that you tip the dealer when you leave the table. Of course, like tipping service staff at a restaurant, you don’t have to tip. But, if you’re planning to return to the table, it’s worth doing. It shows the dealer that you respect their profession and want to keep the atmosphere friendly.

Don’t get too drunk

Most casinos serve alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you can get absolutely smashed and keep playing. If the casino staff think that you’re too drunk, they will kick you out. If you can’t handle your drink, it’s best to stick to one or two. Getting dragged out of a casino by the bouncers isn’t a good look.

Do dress properly

Each casino has its own dress code. Some casinos will let anyone in, others are suit-and-tie only. You should check the dress code before you visit, otherwise, you could be turned away at the door. Some casinos allow casual dress in the daytime, so that’s the best time to visit if you’re a shorts guy. Or, if you refuse to dress smart, you could visit an online casino like You can wear whatever you want and view fresh offers too!.

Don’t ask the dealer for help

This one might surprise a couple of people. You actually shouldn’t ask the dealer for help or advice. You are expected to know the rules before you sit down at a table. Asking the dealer for advice puts them in a difficult situation because it could take another player’s advantage away.

Do research the games beforehand

This tip goes back to the fact that you shouldn’t ask the dealer for help. You’re not expected to be a pro gambler when you walk into a casino but you are expected to understand the games. Sit down at a high-stakes poker game and you’d better know how to play.

Don’t play with your phone

Some casinos will kick you out for playing on your phone. Don’t answer calls, don’t text, and definitely don’t Google the rules of poker. It’s considered rude to have any distractions when you’re gambling, so keep your phone on silent or turned off.

Do research the hand signals

Some card games (like blackjack) have specific hand signals that you will need to learn before you play. If you’re new to the game, the dealer will probably explain the signals but you’d better learn them quick, or other players will get quickly annoyed. Having said that, the use of hand signals will depend on the type of casino you’re going to and the country it’s in. Do your research before you go and maybe practice at home. Not only will this help you play the game properly, but it will also make you feel like an old pro when you’re sat at the table.