Wardrobe for Girls of 2-3 Years for Warm Weather


Every mother wants her little girl to be trendy, while, at the same time, she does not want to overpack her wardrobe. The number of clothes your daughter needs depends on the lifestyle of your family. Are there any activities in your plans? A lot depends on the child herself. At the age of 2, it is already clear how your baby wears things – neatly or a brand new jacket becomes spoilt on the first stroll in it.

The Style for Little Girls

Clothes for a 2-3-year-old girl must meet the three most essential criteria. They should be natural, comfortable, and have a pleasant appearance. Now children’s clothing is an industry in which the most famous designers and fashion houses are successfully working. There are a lot of web stores offering high-quality baby girl clothes that will not cost a fortune for your family.

The Most Essential

The most important wardrobe items for any child are underwear and cotton undershirts. They are often changed, so you will need plenty of them. At least for every day of the week, plus spare kits. Their color can be anything from snow white to dark shades. At 2 years, kids still do not like the process of dressing, so it is in your interest to make it as short as possible. Choose stretch fabrics with a relatively wide neckline so that the baby’s head can easily slide through the opening.

Tights for a girl should be of two types:

  • colored with decorative elements and
  • simple and pleasant to the touch to put them under the pants so that your baby does not feel overpacked.

What Else Your Girl Needs for Spring/Autumn

Every girl should have a couple of dresses for the cold and warm season. Remember that the outfit should be practical. Such dresses should not be too long. They should be comfortable for the girl to run and jump.

The set of demi-season clothing is the most diverse. Include the following items in the wardrobe:

  • A demi-season jacket, windbreaker, or raincoat in it.
  • If your girl is active, a puffed sleeveless vest is suitable for her, since it is most convenient to move in it.
  • Jeans or trousers made of wrinkle-resistant fabric are suitable for going out and for playing in the sandbox.
  • Thick-knit sweaters are also very warm, but many children do not like things that are worn over their heads. Therefore, to save your nerves, choose sweaters with fasteners.
  • They can be combined with other turtlenecks or blouses with bright prints.

Toddler girls look very stylish in a multi-layered outfit. And such an outfit is especially functional because it makes it much easier to control body temperature. Skirts are often more comfortable for girls even than pants, and many feel much more comfortable in them. Sundresses are more practical in everyday wear, because this way, a T-shirt and a blouse will not stick out over the belt of a skirt or trousers.