Crucial Steps For Minimising Downtime In Your Business



The best businesses run like clockwork. Customers have particularly high expectations on the digital side of things, almost as if all things tech should snap into place for their convenience.

Amazon once missed out on $34 million in sales due to an outage that lasted for 59 minutes. While these problems can’t always be accounted for, it’s still vital that every preventative measure possible is taken to dodge disruption. The old saying is true; time is money. Too many delays will lead to many lost opportunities, especially when more consumers spend more time online.

Many efforts can minimise downtime in business, but some of them can be more effective than others. Here’s a quick list of what they are.


Secure IT Support

For all the bells and whistles technology brings, glitches and downtimes are almost inevitable. The digital world is full of technical mishaps.

Only the kind of help from Totality Services fully tailored IT support in London can keep the digital side of your business up and running. They can oversee and maintain much of your technological infrastructure and provide IT consultancy and training to ensure that you and your workforce are up to date on the latest best practices. Nothing escapes their notice, and they reliably prevent most issues before they arise, mitigating the risk of downtime.

If you don’t operate from London, it’s vital to seek a similar service near you. These services are less a perk in today’s digitally charged world and more an essential pillar of support that will protect your data, establish business continuity, and empower you to go toe-to-toe with competitors without delay. Your employee’s careers can be enriched by all that they learn too.

Utilise Backup Power

Some firms can be helplessly dismayed when the power goes out in their area. Still, this isn’t always an excuse for stalled operations.

A UPS (uninterruptable power supply) unit can temporarily stall the outage so that you and your employees have time to save important data and turn off machines safely. Moreover, a generator system that works as a backup can also be a useful buffer in these circumstances. Standby and portable generators can be reliable safety nets to have as well.

Even minutes and moments are worth fighting for when downtimes rear their ugly head. Your resolve and pre-planning must stand firm when these situations seem most futile.

Broaden Digital Horizons

Of course, not all downtimes a business can suffer are internal. Many of these problems can originate elsewhere and affect many companies simultaneously.

For example, the Facebook outage at the end of 2021 highlighted how many firms were entirely dependent on its services for communications and daily business dealings. The social media firm was dubious enough already, but nevertheless, your business shouldn’t be putting all its eggs in one basket for social media interactivity or anything else.

Try to cast a wider net with your company’s digital footprint. Update and use them all equally so that none seem like an afterthought or backup option in the eyes of your customers. Ideally, your firm will have a presence in most, if not all, digital spheres, so double down on making sure that’s the case and avoid playing favourites with certain social media services.