Great Gadget Gifts for Christmas


The festive season is on the horizon, and if most of us have learnt anything from this year, it is that technology and gadgets have managed to keep us all together and coping.

Because of this, a few of us might have some ideas about what we want on our Christmas list.

For those who have gadget and gizmo lovers in their lives, who have taken up a new ‘lockdown’ fitness regime, or for the ones who do not like to be separated from their notifications, this piece will give you some great gadget gift ideas.

Bluetooth Smart Pen and Notebook Set

One for the writers in your life, this will surely offer the best of both worlds. Moleskine offers a gorgeous traditional notebook with Ncoded pages to use with a smart pen that allows written words to flow freely, with actual ink, while simultaneously uploading the notes, doodles, and drawings onto the Moleskine app in real-time!

The smart pen is rechargeable, the ink is refillable, and the user is able to have both analogue and digital copies so the notes will never get lost!

Apple Smartwatch

An Apple smartwatch is one of those gadgets that will just make you feel like a spy. It might not shoot lasers or control a car, but it does have some pretty impressive features. It tracks physical activity with specific sport settings, it offers a pedometer, heart rate and pulse function, turn by turn navigation, notifications from your phone straight to your wrist, remote music and photo control among many other functions. Which edition you get will depend on the features available, so be sure to find out a guide to which Apple watch to buy to get the features you think your recipient will love!

Smart Bottle

For those who love to stay hydrated and keep on track of things, the smart bottle is an excellent gadget gift. This neat little bottle adds in various supplements such as vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and caffeine into the water from 3 capsules in the base! This is the next level to customizing water with personal preferences, and it also looks extremely sleek. There are many different capsules to choose from that can be dispensed into the water, with a variety of different flavours. The bottle also has its own app that will track your hydration and will enable you to set goals and offer personalized insights.

Temperature-Controlled Mug

We all know someone who ends up finally getting around to drinking their cup of coffee and finding it has, yet again, gone cold. This little gadget is designed to ensure that never happens again! Or at least within an hour and a half. The mug can be set to the user’s temperature of choice and will stay this temperature for 90 minutes per charge. For those who like to drink a variety of hot beverages, there are different settings to suit everyone’s drink choice.

There are plenty of gadgets on the market this year for almost anything you can think of, so use your imagination for a great gift!