How Automation is Changing Advertising


Advertising is an industry used to evolution. But automation is affecting change at far faster rates than ever before. Let’s break down how exactly automation is changing the advertising industry and how you can capitalize on this development.

More Targeted Advertising

These days, consumers don’t want to be advertised to as generic buyers. They want to be persuaded to buy things specific to their needs, personalities, or likes.

One great example of how automation is helping with this industry trend is through geolocation technology. Geolocation software is now installed by default on most mobile devices. When used with automated data-collection code and cookies, ad buyers and creators can now “hyper-target” consumers and provide direct ads to people within specific areas, who belong to specific demographics, and more.

We’re also seeing automation make waves in advertising through AI and big data. Automated algorithms now detect everything people do on the Internet, from how long they spend on a page to what they click on to what they type into a search bar. All of this data can then be collected and combined for more accurate, more personable ad campaigns that produce higher conversion rates.

Costs Are Being Reduced

Additionally, automation is adjusting the advertising industry by cutting costs across the board. For instance, self-service ad platforms can significantly cut down on the cash you have to spend to plan and implement a phenomenal ad campaign.

Such platforms can easily allow your vendors to make accounts through a self-service portal, order ads as necessary rather than in larger batches, and customize their ads all from the same interface. Even add payment is handled through a secure portal for faster execution.

Source: Pixabay

Scalable Native Advertising

Interestingly, automation is changing advertising by increasing the frequency of native ads. Native ads are bundled into existing content surreptitiously and often helpfully rather than being blatant and potentially irritating to consumers.

But native ads have historically been difficult to scale until automation came into the picture. Automated systems can now help ad buyers:

  • secure ad placements in upcoming content
  • assist in building effective content
  • help with creating attractive headlines
  • and more

In other words, automation can help streamline the creative process that necessarily slows down native advertising. It may be that, eventually, automation could make native advertising so scalable that no other types of ads are ever used again.

Faster Buying and Selling of Placements

But automation is changing the advertising industry even further thanks to how quickly it allows advertisers to buy and sell placements.

For instance, certain automated advertising platforms can now automatically detect, through data, where good ad space might be. These platforms can place bids and secure that space before a competitor.

Automated platforms can also detect ads that are doing better, then use that data in place of further bids on similar ad space for progressively successful results.

All in all, it’s clear that automation is affecting everything in business, advertising included. Time will tell how advertising continues to drive the industry’s evolution. In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of automation’s potential benefits through automated tools and platforms.