How Businesses are Adjusting for Mother’s Day in 2021


Image Source: Pexels

The pandemic has made it difficult for children who want to celebrate the hard work of their mothers. While it isn’t possible for many of us to see our loved ones in person, plenty of businesses have adjusted to make it possible for us to send a little love through the mail. Let’s look at how florists and other companies are adapting to meet consumer demands.

Businesses with Physical Items: Flowers or Gifts

Many businesses have dealt a blow with cancellations due to the coronavirus, but demand is blooming ahead of Mother’s Day. Many companies had to quickly adjust to the rising demands and the limited way they could market and sell in-person items.

Curbside Pickup

One of the ways businesses can sell physical items is through curbside pickup, where customers will order and call ahead before picking up their order. As long as there aren’t too many people within the store itself, businesses can still meet pandemic protocol. It’s also safer for people to line up outdoors so the virus can’t circulate within the establishment.

Online Orders

If a store didn’t have an online presence before, the pandemic definitely created a need for it. Businesses started offering their products online through their own delivery methods or with third-party applications like Amazon. Online orders kept multiple retailers in business and allowed them to keep inventory flowing throughout the May season.


Many flower shops started to offer their own delivery service for these amazing rose arrangements during the pandemic. If the store didn’t have the capital to hire a delivery driver, one of the employees would typically walk or use a bike to personally deliver goods. While this works for some small-town stores, this method wasn’t accessible to all mom and pop shops.

Businesses that Offer a Service: Counseling and Personal Trainers

Maybe you want to give your Mother a few business counseling sessions or a yoga class, but they aren’t in operation. Plenty of teachers from all over the world are still able to speak to their customers daily thanks to Zoom and other video conferencing methods. Workers in the health and fitness realm have especially benefited from the use of video and recording.

Mental health professionals, like psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors, have also switched to phone or video conferencing. This method has also opened up the possibility for medical professions to offer online appointments in the future, which can cut down on the number of people who get sick per year. 

Plenty of people who have a business have used these platforms to give free lessons as a way to invite potential clients in when the pandemic is over.

Businesses that Offer Entertainment: YouTube or Twitch 

One of the sides of the business world that have really suffered is the entertainment industry because there isn’t a safe way to indulge in live performances for the time being. Dancers, cosplayers, YouTubers, and Twitchers have all had to adjust the way they bring content to their fans by either changing their strategies or expanding their reach.

If your Mother is a fan of a drag queen from RuPaul’s drag race, they aren’t going to be able to see a live show. However, many queens have taken to Instagram Live, Twitch, or Cameo as a way to still earn money in their craft while maintaining relevance. Plenty of entertainers have also become more active on social media by taking on more sponsorship deals.

Movie and television watchers can still stream content online, with many streaming services actually seeing a steady rise in consumers.