How Can the Online Casino Industry Help Prevent Tech Flops?


The usefulness of new technology can only be measured based on those who engage with it. The best smart house could be developed, but it if didn’t appeal to consumers, it would be left sitting empty. Those who develop the technology should therefore look to industries that have taken traditional problems and created modern, digital solutions. One of these is the iGaming industry that managed to move traditional, classic gameplay online. What can tech developers learn from the online casino industry about getting consumers to engage with new ways of doing things?

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Slow Release of New Tech

Live streams of casino-related games have increased in popularity in the iGaming industry. Indeed, as you can play roulette online anytime, games developers found ways to enhance the current games to reflect modern tech. This meant that players could engage with high-tech versions of the games, including Live Roulette, Live Football Roulette, and Live Quantum Roulette. The live technology is easy to grasp and allows players to see the dealer in front of them as they play the game.

For a quick, tension-filled game like roulette, this has attracted attention from those playing the game. The technology was deployed in this manner and gradually built up a following. So, tech developers could find ways to slowly incorporate new technology into our lives and our current ways of doing things in such a way that we barely notice the change from how we did things before tech. By gradually whetting users’ appetites to technology, more buzz will be created and they will be better primed to receive it.

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Reflect Consumer Mood

Ensuring that the tech is being developed in the right way is also important. Self-driving trucks are handy, but if nobody trusts the self-driving software, then they are unlikely to be widely adopted. This will mean that the cost never comes down, so they are even less likely to be adopted. The online casino industry listens to players and reflects what players want to engage with in its offering.

The gradual optimization of mobile gameplay, for example, came as a response to the fact that people were gaming more on smartphones. By meeting consumers where they were – on their mobiles – online casino developers were more likely to please their players. Tech developers should therefore ensure that new tech developments in machine learning and AI resonate with those who should be engaging with them. Twitter’s revenue is down in 2020, with some suggesting that never listening to what its users want could be a reason for the ad spending drop.

Developing new tech doesn’t always work. For instance, devices that seemed to be at the forefront of tech change, such as the Pebble smartwatch in 2012, ended up flopping dramatically. The company sold their assets to Fitbit and are but a distant memory. Tech flops can be expensive, so it’s important to consider how to make them successful. By following what the online casino industry did, new tech is more likely to end up being profitable.