How Technology Helps Mystery Games

Knives Out

Technology and games are things that always go together. Games nowadays heavily depend on advancements in technology. The gaming industry can always offer something more to gaming enthusiasts thanks to technology. Various technological advancements have shown their effects in the gaming community. Once video games made a boom in the gaming industry, today smartphone apps make gaming even more accessible than before. There isn’t a lack of gaming opportunities for gaming enthusiasts from all around the world.

Some games have been a hit in the gaming world for quite a time, while other games have remained in the classic that is still relevant in the gaming community. These games were the pioneer in the genre and have achieved that something that many have followed after. From cards and puzzle games to online casino games at Casimba, one of the best online casinos in the UK, players can find a game according to their needs and preferences. Mystery games have always been attractive for those who seek mystery and the unknown.

Technologies like virtual and augmented reality have helped these games become even more mysterious and achieve the effect of mystery. The darkness, the moving objects, the eye-catching backgrounds, are the things that mystery games rely on to make the effect of mystery visible on PC monitors or smartphone screens. The upgrades in the visual graphic presentations have also been of great help to mystery games because they made these effects visible on the gamer’s screen. Here are some mystery games that show technology has helped this game genre become so popular in the gaming community and games that are still played by millions of gamers. Here they are.

Peter Panic

Peter Panic is like the perfect combination for theatre musical lovers and gamer fanatics. While two contradictory hobbies, this game perfectly blends elements of both together. Peter’s adventure in saving the local theatre’s community is the theme of the game. To achieve this, Peter passed through several rapid-fire mini-games. The voices featured in the game are all Broadway musical artists, including Gideon Gick and Emily Skeggs. Some developer’s voices are also featured such as those of Bennett Fody and Rami Ismail.

Telling Lies

In the series of detective-themed games, Telling Lies is another game from the developer Sam Barlow. Again, the game is all about completing the story by judging interviews from people connected to what happened to the main character. However, both games Her Story and Telling Lies definitely deserve their place on the list of innovative mobile gameplays. Players are watching footages until they found the whole story out in the end. The game tells you multiple stories about multiple characters who are all somehow connected to the story. To do so, the player needs to search various keywords to open as much footages and work it out who is saying what. The stories are told so many times that in the end things may not look as they seem at the moment.