How To Stay Warm If You’re Working From Home


With the newest coronavirus restriction order being to “work from home”, many are now preparing to move their office life to their home. As temperatures drop even further, many are worrying about maintaining a warm house, considering the added cost which comes with doing so. Here’s what you can do to save some money and stay warm whilst you’re working from home.

Extra heat sources

The average annual cost to heat a home using electricity is around £776, and that’s in pre-Covid times where the heating may not typically be on all day. Therefore, it’s natural to want to do all you can to reduce an even steeper bill. Instead of switching on the mains, you could invest in a small heater or electric blanket. When its bedtime, instead of keeping the heating on overnight you can continue to stay warm by turning on your electric blanket, helping you to fall asleep nice and toasty. Another great solution is to purchase a gigantic hot water bottle, which you can tie around your waist whilst working at your desk.

The importance of what you wear

The type of clothes you wear can make a huge difference to how warm you feel throughout the day. Layering is important, so start with a quality set of thermal leggings and under-top which will provide you with an extra degree of warmth. If you find that you get too warm to quickly, you can choose a light level of warmth material. Likewise, if you really struggle to warm up, you may go for the maximum warmth option. Once you’re equipped with a great set of thermals, make sure you’ve got a thick, cosy hoodie and pair of fluffy socks for that added comfort and warmth.


If you remain still at your desk all day, you may struggle to maintain your body temperature and find that the blood circulation to your feet and hands is poor. To avoid freezing up, and therefore lose the motivation to work, try to do some gentle exercise or go for a walk on your break to get the blood pumping. If you’re looking to have a productive break, doing some housework is guaranteed to raise your heart rate.

Integrating these small changes and tips into your daily routine can really help you to stay warm, yet not break the bank doing so.