Online Casinos: What to Expect in the Next 10 Years


Online casino tech sites like 755m have come a long way already, but there’s always room for more changes, improvements and new experiences to arrive.

If you’re a fan of web-based gambling and you’re wondering where the industry will go next, here’s an overview of some of the things that will shift in the coming decade.

Image Source: Pixabay

VR & AR will enhance the experience

Virtual reality solutions, as well as their augmented reality equivalents, entered the mainstream in a major way over the past 10 years.

It should be no surprise that online casinos were able to take advantage of this, and offer some immersive gaming services to go alongside the other experiences available.

However, in the near future there will be yet more changes to fuel the adoption of VR and AR, as well as to make it even more appealing than in the past. The release of the second generation PlayStation VR headset, along with the more powerful PS5 console, could help transform this part of the industry, for example.

Expanding legalization around the globe will fuel growth

If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the country or the world that has already given the regulatory green light to online gambling, then it’s easy to forget that not everyone is able to enjoy the best new Play’n GO casino sites whenever they like.

This type of activity still exists in a legal gray area in a lot of places, or is outright banned by local or national governments.

The USA has been a bit of a proving ground for online casinos recently, with softening regulations at a federal level meaning that more states are implementing legal gambling solutions. This helps bring in tax revenues, and also avoids underground gambling or the use of overseas sites, so it can only be a good thing.

Cryptocurrencies & NFTs will reshape player expectations

The crypto space has disrupted many markets, and online casinos are no different. Players now want to move away from fiat currencies, and instead make deposits and withdrawals in their crypto of choice, as well as even gambling with crypto in its own right.

A tiny fraction of casino sites currently support this type of currency, but that is set to change as the inevitable increase in the uptake and use of crypto by the general public necessitates more investment in this area from operators.

Likewise with NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, being the hottest topic of conversation right now, and harnessing the same blockchain tech that underpins top cryptos, it would seem churlish for casinos sites to ignore the potential here. Providing digital prizes that have a real world monetary value, for example, could be a new way for them to innovate with jackpots.

Portable play will dominate

The early years of online casinos were defined by the desktop experience, but the new players flooding into the market right now, spurred on in part by the fallout from the pandemic, are primarily interested in gambling from their mobile devices.

This is not a trend that is exclusive to the casino industry, of course, but is more widely the case across every type of digital service. From web browsing to gaming, from entertainment to productivity, using portable devices is now the norm, and it will only become more entrenched as a default with time’s passage.

Some online casinos do a better job of catering to mobile players than others, so no doubt we will see more improvements in this area. This is good news for consumers regardless of their brand affinity, and will ideally minimize the likelihood of encountering poorly optimized sites.