How to Plan an RV Adventure


Some people are happy to jump on a plane and travel somewhere exotic for their vacation. Others like hitting the open road in their RV and going on an exciting road trip. If you lean more towards the latter and have a trip coming up, there are certain things you must do before getting behind the wheel.

To help you have an RV adventure of a lifetime, here are some planning tips that will ensure you have every base covered.

Choose Your Destination

The great thing about going on an RV trip is you can visit multiple destinations. The sky truly is the limit, so whether you want to stay closer to home or go hundreds of miles, the choice is up to you. It’s best to start by getting out a map and circling or marking locations you’d like to visit. Ask those coming on the trip if there’s anywhere in particular they’d like to visit. Just try not to cram too much into one vacation. The last thing you want is to drive for miles on end and be exhausted!

Plan Your Route

Once you’ve established destinations you’d like to check out on your RV adventure, it’s time to thoroughly plan out your route. There are certain things to bear in mind as you travel, such as where gas stations and restrooms are. After all, you’re going to need to visit both along the way! No one wants to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, so make sure you bear this in mind before venturing out.

Know What to Pack

You need to draw up a checklist of what to pack for your RV trip. That way, you can be confident you’ve got all the essentials with you and haven’t left anything important behind. To start, get your clothes together. If you’re going on an adventure in the summer, make sure to pack plenty of shorts, t-shirts, and sunscreen! For those going somewhere a little chilly, a thick coat is going to be your best friend. As well as clothes, stock up on snacks, camping gear, and supplies like a first aid kit.

Plan Activities

To have an RV trip of a lifetime, you need to factor in fun activities throughout your time away. If you’re spending more time behind the wheel than having fun, you’re not going to return home with a smile on your face. Once you know exactly where you’re going, it’s time to decide what you will do at the destination. If you’re visiting a national park, for instance, there are lots of outdoor activities you can partake in, like hiking, rafting, and paddling.

Think About Entertainment

When you’re getting from A to B or hanging around the campsite, having things to keep you entertained is a must. Make sure to bring your smartphone along for the ride. You can use it to play fun games and try the best USA real money online casino.

Pack a pair of headphones too so you can listen to music and podcasts and watch movies.

Nothing beats getting in your RV and exploring around the country. However long you go or whoever joins you for the ride, the tips above will help you plan for your trip and ensure you have an adventure you’ll never forget.