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2016 30 Under 30

Name: Palmer Luckey Profession: Founder of Oculus VR Age: 23 Quote: “I was interested in virtual reality for several years even before working at USC, it wasn’t an interest that started there at all” Name: Nik Grishakov Profession: Founder of ShipIt Age: 25 Quote: “ShipIt will help you earn money while travelling” Name: Drake Profession: Music Age: 29 Quote: “I’m … Continue reading »

8 Best Low Budget, High Concept Movies

1. Timelapse Three flatmates discover a neighbour has a camera pointed at their lounge window, which takes a polaroid photo at 8 o’clock every day – but the photos it takes come from 24 hours in the future.   2. Circle A group of people awake in a circular room. They have no idea how … Continue reading »

C++: List Comprehensions

A list comprehension is a special syntax in some programming languages to describe lists. It is similar to the way mathematicians describe sets, with a set comprehension, hence the name. Some attributes of a list comprehension are that: They should be distinct from (nested) for loops within the syntax of the language. They should return … Continue reading »

C++: Greatest Element of a List

Create a function that returns the maximum value in a provided set of values, where the number of values may not be known until runtime. This will work for any type with a < operator defined. Uses the standard library function max_element(). #include <algorithm> #include <cassert> template<typename Ty> Ty max(unsigned int count, Ty values[]) { … Continue reading »

C++: Flatten a List

Write a function to flatten the nesting in an arbitrary list of values. Your program should work on the equivalent of this list: [[1], 2, [[3,4], 5], [[[]]], [[[6]]], 7, 8, []] Where the correct result would be the list: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] #include <list> #include <boost/any.hpp> typedef std::list<boost::any> anylist; … Continue reading »


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