The Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing Office Supplies


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Having the right equipment ensures effective work outputs. It makes things all the more convenient. If your occupation involves office or paperwork, it takes good office equipment for productive work. However, buying office supplies is not something you should sleep on. It is necessary to get the products that work best for your job.

Opening a business? Setting up a small company, or do you just need supplies for your personal inventory? Whichever the situation, you will need the ideal items for you. Here are some do’s and don’ts when you purchase office supplies.


Here are some of the things you can do when you need to get some office supplies.

Do: Plan Your Purchases

Of course, the first thing you need to do is plan everything out. This can be a walk in the park if you need them for personal and immediate use. Still, if you must purchase them in bulk for your small business or company, you must plan ahead, especially if you regularly buy supplies.

Start by identifying what to buy. What are the ones you need the most? Perhaps you want a simple stationary set to keep things organized, or maybe machines like a laminator for a small business. If you are running a small company, it could help to brainstorm with your colleagues what you will need for your operations.

Moreover, consider how many items you will buy based on how often they will be used. For example, if you have, for instance, a Canon printer and you will need to use it often every day, prioritize purchasing a big batch of Canon Printer Ink so you won’t always have to buy it. Once you have a good list of what you need to buy, you can look for specific products and items, check the price, and seek a good supplier.

Do: Decide Your Budget

Before you make purchases, you have to decide on your budget. How much are you willing to spend on supplies? And have you looked at the cost of the office supplies you need and want? Budget is one of the essential factors in your purchase, so see to it that you have enough money to afford the supplies you will need.

If you already have a list of items you want to buy, look up how much they cost on average. You can then compare the sum to the amount you can afford. If your budget does not meet the cost, then you can wait for additional funding, or if the supplies are needed immediately, purchase the more urgent ones. You could also look for suppliers or stores where you can get the items for cheaper.

As much as possible, be realistic with your budget if it is limited. If it is not enough for all the office supplies you need, you can always prioritize which ones are needed first. You can use those supplies first and then purchase the rest when you can.

Do: Consider Your Space

Storage is a crucial factor when you buy essential things. If office supplies you need are too large, consider where they will be stored and used. Of course, this depends on what you do for a living. For example, if you are self-employed or have a company, ensure your workspace can accommodate the supplies you need.

Another thing to consider regarding storage is how often you will use them. In that way, the ones that are not users can be kept in storage while the rest goes into your workspace. Examples of office supplies kept for storage are reams of printing paper, a box of pens, and printer inks, to name a few.


Here are some things you should not do when purchasing office supplies.

Don’t: Always Purchase the Cheaper/More Expensive Items

The price does not always denote a product’s quality, despite the general idea that pricier products perform better than cheaper ones. Just because an item is cheaper doesn’t mean it is of terrible quality, and a more expensive item does not denote better quality. The latter could simply be overpriced.

When shopping, look up the quality before making assumptions about the price. An excellent way to do so is to check a product’s features and evaluate if all those features are usable for your activities. You can also read reviews of the product to see if it’s worth your money.

If you are on a limited budget, it helps you make the most of it. If you have to buy pricey supplies, check the quality to see if it is worth the price. Do not sleep on cheaper products either; it’s nice to have cheaper finds, but check if they have the quality you expect and like.

Don’t: Make Immediate Purchases

It helps to buy items immediately when you’re short on supplies, but if you’re still planning, don’t hurriedly buy the first thing you see! Plan first. If you see a product you like, simply list it or add it to your wishlist, and then deliberate if you will get the purchase. Consider your budget, the supplies you already have, the space, and its usefulness.

To Conclude

Office supplies make an excellent investment for your work, whether for personal use or business. If you purchase lots of supplies, always remember to plan it out and make the most of your money.