Things to Consider Before Choosing Where to Open Your Bank Account


Our modern world revolves around money. No matter how hard we try to avoid pecuniary matters, there is simply no getting away from it. Given the fact that so much of our lives relate to money in some way, our choice of bank account is very important; it is therefore worth taking a little time to think about what your financial needs are before shopping around different bank accounts.

We all lead lives that are unique and individual; our bank account should therefore reflect this by being a good fit for our personal circumstances. Furthermore, most people keep the same bank account for many years – if not the rest of their lives. So finding the right account in the first place is crucial for your future peace of mind. After all, your finances should work for you rather than against you!

So what should you think about when choosing where to open your next bank account?


It is easy to be lured in by an advertisement for an account with a striking headline offer. However, it is worth remembering that if an offer seems too good to be true, it almost always is; checking the small print may therefore reveal a nasty surprise! Regardless, you shouldn’t settle for the first ‘good’ offer that you see; research the different offers available before coming towards a decision. The market is flooded with different banks and accounts; therefore, there is bound to be an offer available that suits you!

Banking Convenience

Whilst physical bank branches continue to close, online banking is now ubiquitous, and has transformed the way people manage their personal – and business – finances. However, some banks offer other extras which could further simplify your banking experience. For example, accounts such as those available from Think Money offer customers a Prepaid Debit card. This can be used in store or online, and – whilst offering great convenience – can also can help people to budget more effectively.


It is now easier than ever before to find out what other customers think of a bank or building society. Banking should be made simple for the customer, and this should be reflected in quality customer service. Choosing a bank with a strong reputation will save you time and frustration in the long run. You should feel valued as a banking customer – after all, you are putting your money in the bank’s hands!

Overall it’s important to find a bank account that works for you – whatever your personal finance priorities are! However, by fully considering the three above points you will be well on the way to making a sensible choice.

What’s the most important factor for you when choosing a new bank account?