How Has Technology Made Trading More Accessible?


The world of trading looks incredibly different now compared to just a few decades ago, largely due to major technological revolutions which have changed the way global markets are accessed. Now, technology is at the forefront of global trading, driving more and more millennials and younger people towards investing in the assets/commodities of their choosing.

With technology continuing to advance at an unprecedented rate, trading could well become even more attractive and accessible in the years to come, but here are some of the ways/technologies which have already improved trading significantly.

Online Brokers

Before the advent of the internet and online brokers, most trading was done by private investors and corporations behind closed doors, with the average person having limited or no access to global markets. The introduction of online brokers like OANDA changed that, allowing anyone to trade online from their computer.

Now, there is a multitude of online brokers allowing people to invest their money in almost any market of their choosing, be it forex, stocks and shares, spot metals, bonds, and so on. This has completely revolutionised the trading world, and paved the way for day trading as we know it.

Trading Software

Another of the major technological advancements which has come to define trading in modern times is online trading platforms. These are usually accessed through an online broker, and come with a host of features which allow traders to analyse the markets and make more informed investment decisions.

They offer advanced charting software as well as a number of other handy tools which help with both fundamental and technical analysis. This has allowed even novice investors to better understand how markets work and behave, and trading platforms are constantly gaining new features (like automated trading, for instance) which are further improving their capabilities.

Access to Professional Traders/Strategies

The introduction of blogs and social media has also created a new dimension in trading. Now, traders from across the planet can connect with other traders easily, gaining insights into different strategies and adopting new approaches to investment.

This is especially useful for novice investors, as they can learn how to invest effectively at a much faster rate. Being able to follow professional traders on social media platforms like twitter and Facebook means that they can quickly identify the best trading opportunities, as well as learn effective trading strategies which could make them a significant profit. In the grand scheme of things, this is a very new development, and gives people an unprecedented chance to get involved in trading with an effective support network of other, more experienced traders they can rely on.

Technology continues to change the way people trade on a regular basis, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, it will be fascinating to see how trading has evolved in another decade’s time. The technology mentioned, however, has undoubtedly laid the foundations for trading as we know it, and will no doubt keep trading accessible for traders around the world.