Top 5 Underrated Female Characters in PC Games 


  1. Chloe Price (Life is Strange II)

The stubborn, brazen, and fearless best friend of Max Caulfield was not immediately liked by the players. But gradually, with the release of new episodes, gamers calmed down and took her for what she is. Chloe Price is the soul of the game that constantly throws out funny jokes and pokes fun at Max. With the development of the story, Chloe’s character is revealed and changed. In one of the scenarios, Chloe makes the decision that made gamers finally love her. 

Gamers have speculated that Chloe and Max may be appearing in the new Life is Strange II, but there was a recent interview in which Dontnod stated that they simply have nothing more to tell about the two.  

  1. YoRHaA2 and YoRHa No. 2 Type B (NieR: Automata) 

It seems that the uprising of androids against people is a concern for game developers, and they create these storylines over and over again. Last year, NieR: Automata finally came to Xbox One. Two incredibly beautiful androids have long been loved by the RPG fans from around the world. Revealing costumes, charisma, and cruelty  these are the three reasons why the two YoRHas are so beloved by the players. 

  1. Red (Transistor)

In third place is the girl named Red from TransistorSure, for the majority of the game we do not see the beauty of the girl, but we hear her, we hear what she dreams of and what she plans to do, and the magic voice that comes from her lips is just enchanting; there is no other way to put it. But when you get a chance to see her, believe me, you will not be disappointed in anything because she is one of the most beautiful girls of the gaming industry with fiery red hair and bright blue, wide-open eyes. She is absolutely stunning. 

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  1. Zoey (Left 4 Dead)

The years went by, and Zoeysmall and insecure girl, grew up, throughout the years she improved her skills and made new friends. Now, many years later, we see an attractive young lady who is ready for anything to achieve her goal. We, as her true admirers, will watch her adventures and empathize both with her successes and failures.  

So we’ve already mentioned four heroines of the video game industry that we felt like were underappreciated, for one reason or another. Now it’s time to look at and talk about the winner of our list, the most underrated female video game character of all time. 

  1. Snow White (Wolf Among Us)

The winner of our top 5 is Snow White from The Wolf Among Us. She combines absolutely all the best qualities that the most beautiful girls of the video game industry should possess, and also complements them with her elegance and experience that has been acquired over the years. Perhaps, in terms of appearance, she is not as bright as some other characters on this list, but she can boast of her intelligence and equanimity. Snow White can make a decision on which the fate of many people will depend in the blink of an eye, but at the same time, this decision will be right because she knows perfectly well what she is doing. Her analytical skills are practically unsurpassable, and if you emphasize them with her standard, but attractive appearance, then there should be no questions why she is the winner of our list. We feel like she is underrated because you don’t really hear anything about her; she is constantly overlooked by players that choose to stare at Lara Croft and Peach instead.