Top Tips to Help You Win at Bingo


We all want to win when we’re playing games online, right? This is not a surprise, and bingo is one of those games where there are only certain things you can actually do to boost your chances. There isn’t a huge amount you can do as the game itself doesn’t involve much in the way of skill, but that does not mean that there is no hope in trying to improve your chances.

It’s important to be realistic as it is not like you can get “better” at playing online bingo, but there are some opportunities to improve your chances, especially when it comes to dealing with your finances.

Buy More Cards

This makes perfect sense really, bingo is effectively a form of lotto and that means that the more cards you buy, the higher the chances are that you will win. Double the number of cards you have and you will effectively double the chances that you have in that specific game.

Of course, it isn’t a guarantee of a win, all you are doing is improving your odds in this scenario, but if you find that you’re not winning games and you have only bought one card then you might consider buying more in the future.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

There are a variety of different bonuses out there for you to take advantage of. When it comes to playing online bingo there are so many different companies that will be wanting you to deposit your money and bet with them. It’s a competitive industry, and that is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to look out for bonuses.

Again, all you are doing with your bonus money is adding to the odds. There’s no art to improving the chances of winning on each card, but with the extra money or free cards you often get as a bonus then you will have the option to continue to take advantage and to play more cards, meaning more opportunities to win.

There are multiple bingo sites that offer bonuses, and you get both signup bonuses as well as loyalty bonuses with some. This means that you can continue to benefit from the bonuses. On top of this, you should ensure you have multiple accounts with bingo sites, as from time to time they may well send you some free cards or a voucher code.

Choose Games With Fewer People Playing

This is one of the tricks that you can use with certain types of bingo, online and in person. You’ve got the option to enjoy the game and improve your chances of winning if you pick a game with fewer people playing.

Some online bingo sites cap each of their games. For instance, it might be that they allow 100 people to buy tickets for that particular game. If you can see how many have bought these tickets, you can see the games that aren’t as possible. This means that you’re increasing your chances.

Look at it this way, if 99 other people have cards for the game you have a 1 in 100 chance. If only 49 others have bought tickets then you’ve got the chance to play with a 1 in 50 chance. Buy two cards for that game and your chances are suddenly 1 in 25.

It’s about being smart and working out the best times to play on a specific platform.

Make Sure You Know How to Mark Your Card (If Needed)

This doesn’t apply so much with online bingo but if you are playing in person then you will definitely need to be able to mark your card. That means having the ability to quickly scan down the card and see which numbers have been called, marking them off as you go.

Some online bingo platforms do let you do this, but if they have an automatic feature then why wouldn’t you use it? This means that you are never risking missing out on a win by not managing to mark your card quickly enough.

This is the sort of thing that comes through practice but also through knowing exactly how bingo works and how the bingo cards are laid out.


It’s important to play responsibly and to know that there is no specific way that you can influence which numbers are called. This is just the luck of the draw and it is one of the things that makes the game so exciting. Instead of this, you can improve your chances by being smart about when you play and making calculated choices on how many cards you are going to buy for each card. With our tips, you may be able to enhance your chances of getting a win, if you’re fortunate.