4 Reasons Why Modern Businesses Still Need Fax


For the past years, the world has experienced a lot of technological changes. This has forced people to shift from analog to digital ways of doing things. Today, almost every aspect of life is dependent on modern technologies. The innovations, as well as the internet, have changed everything, including how people interact and communicate. Aside from it affecting peoples’ routine, it has also impacted many businesses. 

Advancements in technologies make business firms work more efficiently and with less effort. While that’s the case, faxing still plays a significant role in the success of companies. Though faxing seems outdated or old, it helps eliminate the need to buy multiple machines to perform various tasks. It can send a fax, act as a phone, and scan and print documents.

This article will walk you through some reasons why modern businesses still need to use fax. But before that, you need to understand what fax is. Read on.

What Is Fax?

Fax is the transmission and reproduction of scanned documents through a radio wave or a telephone wire using a fax machine. These documents can either be images or texts and are scanned and transmitted through a telephone system connected to output devices like a printer. 

The work of output devices is to reproduce documents similar to the original scanned files. To reap the benefits, you can send a fax online with MyFax and others. Such firms provide a cost-effective way of sending documents instantly and with little effort.  

Why Do Your Business Need Fax? 

Though fax machines were invented in the 18th century, they’re still commonly used in businesses. They play essential roles in communication, and companies worldwide still find it convenient to send fax documents due to the following reasons: 

1. Reliability

Sending fax documents is reliable compared to other modes like emails. To successfully send scanned documents, you only need a fax machine and a recipient fax number. Unlike other forms of transmitting, fax assures you that your documents will reach the intended recipient and destination. It gives you a notification after your document has been received on the other end. 

Apart from that, fax machines aren’t affected by viruses. So, sending documents through fax machines eliminates the issue of a virus threat and other programming malfunctions that can affect your computing system. 

Also, with other modes, the recipient may lack the required software or technological know-how to open and print the document. Sending fax documents would be easier to process.

2. Security

Advancements in technology come with some risks as hackers use various platforms to steal documents and other information online. To ensure your documents are secure, you can use a fax to send them. 

Sending documents through fax is one of the most secure modes of documents and file transfer. This is because the scanned documents are transmitted over a public switched telephone network, which provides much security compared to other digital document transfer forms. 

3. Speed Of Transmission

In the highly competitive business world, speed of operation is essential because it can help improve productivity. Speed includes even the time it takes to send your documents from one location to the other.

While other forms of transmission might take too long to reach the intended destination, sending fax documents is convenient because it offers instant processing. Though other forms like emails can also provide fast document transmission, sometimes, they might take too long to upload or download when files are too large. 

4. Easy To Use

Fax machines have been in use for centuries, and you can get them in almost every office you step in. These machines are simple and easy to operate. They don’t require anyone to have special knowledge to use them, and it takes a little amount of time to train someone on how to use fax machines.

Sending a fax document is also simple. You only need to insert the document, enter the recipient’s fax number, and click the send button. 

In addition, fax machine installation is simple and easy. You can even install a fax machine by yourself because no special training is required. Installation involves just connecting your fax machine to a telephone line, then connect it to a socket. 


Though some companies have fully implemented the use of emails, many still recognize the need to use fax in sending documents. Fax machines provide a reliable and secure mode of transmission, so it’d be helpful to add the system to your business. This will allow you to send documents more efficiently and improve your productivity. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you incorporate the use of fax in your operations.