Creating The Perfect “Unboxing” Experience For Your Customers


Many people think of packaging as simply serving a necessary purpose – to get a product safely from A to B without damage. But, with the right approach, branding and creative thinking, your company’s packaging could be the icing on the cake when it comes to increasing revenue and getting your name out there.

Luxury packaging can create a better brand connection and be associated with a certain feeling when opening a product. It can evoke a more enjoyable customer experience as well as improve sales and your brand’s reputation.

In this article, we will discuss how to make your packaging stand out, appeal to customers and become a talking point of your business, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got years of experience.

Consider your target audience

The number one rule of marketing and branding is to think who your target audience is. And it’s the same with your packaging. Consider the colour, material and overall style and make sure it’s in line with your customer base.

Check out what your competitors are doing in terms of packaging, but don’t be tempted to simply follow suit. Create a USP to make sure your brand stands out amongst the rest.

Consider branded packaging

Packaging gives you the opportunity to create a first impression of your brand. Unique boxes, parcel tubes or envelopes will set you apart from other businesses. Choosing to showcase your brand will make your packaging unique as well as provide another way to market your products.

Use logos and business cards for brand awareness and include branded tissue paper, tape or stickers to give your business an edge and create a feeling of receiving something special. Encourage your customers to tag products on social media or post photos when they receive their item.

Use sustainable packaging

Sustainability is a big deal for customers so using environmentally friendly packaging would appeal to those who are planet conscious and are choosy about where they buy their products from. Smaller, recycled and biodegradable packaging can also be marketed as a USP for your brand, attracting new customers and gaining your business a favourable reputation.


Make your customers feel extra special and appreciated by using inserts, cards or notes with a personalised message. Not only will this encourage them to buy your products again, they’re likely to tell friends and family about their unboxing experience.

This is also a good option for someone buying a gift. Giving them a chance to personalise the product packaging for a recipient means a marketing opportunity for not one, but two customers.